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Farmers market slated for Renaissance out parcels

Virginia Hicks and fiancé, Jeff Cannon, will be opening a farmer’s market in Renaissance | Farragut Saturday, June 14.

Dixie Lee Farmer’s Market will be open every Saturday until Oct. 11, from 9 a.m. to noon.

The row of parking spaces closest to Kingston Pike will be the site where vendors set up tables of vegetables, fruit and other wares.

“What we’re going to do is that first set of parking spaces because Webster’s [Deli] is open on Saturdays,” Hicks said.

“I’ve got organic meats, eggs, milk, lots of vegetables, lots and lots and lots of vegetables,” Hicks added.

“A lot of the farmers are [from] Loudon. I have three that are in Knoxville. I’m looking for hobby farmers. I don’t want a lot of big wigs that are at six different farmer’s markets. I would really love for Farragut to really understand that: I want the husband and wife that have the cute little garden in their backyard that always has too many tomatoes,” Hicks said.

“You know, you pay $20 to be a member for the whole year. If you know you’re going to be there, it’s $10 a Saturday. If you call on Friday and tell me you’re going to be there, it’s $15, only because I have to maneuver things,” she added.

Hicks, who has lived in Farragut in the past, now resides near Dixie Lee Junction, from which she derived the name of the market.

“Mostly I wanted to do it because Farragut needed it … and everybody is about Fresh Market and EarthFare, and that is not where it’s at.

“Imagine being able to go two blocks and get all your vegetables straight from the farmer,” she said.

Hicks said the plan to open the market in Renaissance came together quickly. Her fiancé decided Renaissance would be a great place to host the market after eating at Season’s Café.

“[Deron Little, Season’s Café owner] is one of the ones who inspired us to do it here. It’s locally owned and all of that is just becoming so big. I’m just proud to be a part of that,” Hicks said.

After discussions with Renaissance developers Knick and Noah Myers, Cannon and Hicks decided to host Dixie Lee Farmer’s Market at Renaissance.

Since that time, they have gained approval from the fire marshal and from town of Farragut staff.

“Once I did my spiel, they were all about it,” Hicks said of the Town’s support of the market.

“I’m overwhelmed. I’m very excited though … I’m a little nervous too,” she added.

Hicks continues to look for more farmers and, in the future, craftspeople.

“I don’t ever want it to seem like a flea market. The integrity of it will have to be very strong … the whole crafts and things like that will have to wait. It has to be approved,” she said.

Hicks has other dreams for Farragut.

“I would love to start a community garden in Farragut … I think the kids would really get a kick out of it. How many kids around here have actually planted a seed and watched it grow and then ate it?” Hicks said.

“I would love, five years from now, for there to be several community gardens. I would really love for something big to come out of this, for new awareness in the Town,” she added.

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