Emert is latest Town ties Congress candidate

Yet another Republican candidate with at least some tie to Farragut, Jason Emert, has announced his candidacy to replace U.S. Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr. as 2nd Congressional District representative in Washington, D.C.

Emert, 33, a 2003 graduate of Farragut High School, currently is chairman of Young Republican National Federation — the nation’s largest young professional Republican organization.

He announced his candidacy last week.

“Something has to change. Our country is at a crossroads,” Emert said, adding a concern about Congress being “sold out to special interests.

“After watching this Republican Congress struggle to get anything substantive done, I am not going to sit on the sidelines any longer,” added Emert, also honored as national Young Republican Man of the Year who was named to the Maverick PAC Future 40.

“I am ready to finally give the people of East Tennessee a voice. I know these people, and I know their concerns.”

Emert, who had a failed run for the state House seat, District 13, in 2014, said he “is the opposite of a career politician — literally. I’ve never held elected office.”

Vice president for business development at First Choice Medical, Emert is founder/CEO of the Emert Group, an international political consulting, public affairs and government relations firm.

“I’m a businessman, and my experiences have taken me all over the globe to work alongside world leaders on a variety of complex issues. In the business world, you can’t just kick the can down the road as politicians do time and time again. You have to act decisively,” he said.

“That’s what I’ve done my whole life and that’s what I’ll do in Congress to make Washington work for us again.”

Concerning the most pressing issues the nation and Second District voters face, Emert said, “It’s a disgrace that the Republican Senate couldn’t get its act together and repeal Obamacare the first time around. The system is hurting our constituents and small businesses every single day. In Congress, I’d hit the ground running and help to tackle this issue from day one.”

As for specific needs, Emert said, “Our Congress must pass tax reform.

“As a businessman, I know firsthand the burden that our government currently places on our nation’s businesses and it’s unacceptable,” he added. “In Congress, I’ll fight to expand opportunity for individuals and businesses so all can thrive and keep jobs here in the U.S.”

About what’s on the minds of voters he’s gotten feedback from, Emert said, “By and large, voters and their families just want to feel safe in their homes. That’s why it’s imperative we’re strong on national security, strong on borders and strong on the Second Amendment.

“Representatives must fight to lower taxes on individuals and businesses to put money back in their constituents’ pockets,” he added.

As for harkening back to his roots, Emert said, “The biggest positive influence on me at Farragut High School was head football coach Eddie Courtney. I know I am one of many who feel this way.

“He’s been a role model and positive influence now for hundreds of kids who have gone through Farragut High School,” he added. “Coach Courtney gave me a chance at Farragut and I am better for it.

“My success in high school led me to play college football at Southern Illinois University and the lessons you learn in football are applicable to the rest of your life.”

Moreover, “The support I received in both the Maryville City Schools system and at Farragut High is what has led me to pursue teaching as an adjunct professor.,” he said. “Currently, I teach American Government at Tusculum College, but have also taught courses on U.S. foreign policy, international affairs and global conflict.”

Emert and wife, Lauren, live in Louisville.