First day of school

Prepared for her first day of school with lunchbox in hand, kindergarten student Reese Goodson, 5, arrives at Farragut Primary Tuesday morning, Aug. 12. Alongside Reese with loving support is her mother, Gretchen Goodson.

Whirlpool Corporate help for baby Culbreths’ heart surgery

11-month-old Collyns Culbreth The latest in a series of surgeries for a tiny baby girl less than 1 year old, open heart surgery,

is scheduled in September at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Attempting to lighting the mounting financial and emotional burdens on parents Bradley and Megan Culbreth of Farragut, Whirlpool Corporation’s West Knoxville location, 414 N. Peters Road, is responding: holding a benefit yard sale for 11-month-old Collyns Culbreth from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 16, in the business’s front parking lot.

“We’re taking just about anything, clothes, furniture, household goods,” Megan, an inside sales representative at Whirlpool, said. Donations can be taken at Whirlpool’s North Peters location from 8 a.m. to noon through Friday, Aug. 15. “We’re asking most people to bring them in already priced, but I have a feeling we’ll probably be pricing a lot ourselves.”

Donations of smaller items are requested to be bagged in groups where each item in that bag has the same price: a $1 bag, a $5 bag, a $10 bag, etc.
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Wheeler 5K fundraiser Saturday, Aug. 23

While being treated for brain cancer, Brooke Wheeler is surrounded by her parents, Bill and Becky Johnson. With strong support from Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Farragut where she’s a member, Becky Johnson relied on her Christian faith when dealing with traumatic news.

Johnson’s daughter, Brooke Wheeler of Austin, Texas, “had a seizure on June 28, 2013,” mom said.

An inoperable malignant brain tumor was discovered “on her right frontal motor cortex, which affects the left side of her body. If they removed it, it would paralyze her,” Johnson added.

As a result of brain trauma from a biopsy that indicated the tumor was cancerous, “It took her from July 1 [2013] until the first few weeks of March to walk without assistance,” Johnson said. “She had to learn how to eat again.”

Crediting answered prayers from God, “She’s doing really well. She’s walking, she’s driving, she’s traveling, she’s parasailing,” Johnson said. “… She’s gone from being totally helpless to working full time maintaining websites for veterinary clinics.”
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How can I help my cat’s hairball issues

Q: “Willie,” my cat, has been having a lot of hairballs lately. He’s never had this problem until the last 6 months or so, and the special hairball food doesn’t seem to be helping. My veterinarian thought I should bring him in to be checked out, but he seems just fine except for the hairballs. Any thoughts? E.A., Farragut read more

Marital spat strategies

Expert shares 4 steps to tiff and win

I must warn you I’m not a marriage counselor and I’m on my second marriage, but I have learned some successful spatting skills in the 41 years I’ve been married and I think you’ll find them helpful.

My ideas will work for many fights, but to illustrate my strategies, I decided to pick a fight that’s common among couples; clutter conflicts. (Wow that’s a tongue twister: common couple’s clutter conflicts. I dare you to try and say it five times without screwing up.) The underlying cause of this conflict is stuff. It’s the my-stuff vs your-stuff which is the most common cause of a bout about clutter, because one sees his stuff as his stuff and the other guy’s stuff as clutter and it works the other way around, so it’s a blame game and couples have been playing it since Adam and Eve argued about whose leaf was whose that got left on the ground.
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FHS Baseball Championship Celebration

Derek and Johanna Pacifico with children, Dylan (Class of 2016) and Deanna Pacifico One final celebration of Farragut High School baseball’s 2014 Class AAA state championship, the program’s ninth overall, was enjoyed inside the Ballpark at Farragut above John Heatherly Field Tuesday evening, June 3.

Boosters, mostly parents of Admirals players, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs along with providing various other snacks as players and coaches enjoyed one last get-together before FHS Class of 2014 players headed to college. A celebration cake was unveiled and promptly gobbled up.

A few short speeches came before a video highlight of the season was played, which included moments of humor, inside Dean Field House.

For more photos from this event, please see Westside Faces on our print edition.

Farragut Youth Football

Barrett Smith races through an opponent's hands during Saturday's bowl outing matchup against Grace Christian on Saturday.

Champs again

Calhoun’s softball team captured its fifth straight Farragut Co-ed Softball League championship, extending the team’s winning streak to 46 with its latest league title earlier this summer. Male team members, from left, are Wayne Moose (coach/player), Trey Crabtree, Tim Martin, Chris Stafford, Sean Evans, Steve Harmon and Maurice Warren. Female team members, from left, are Abbi Duncan, Kelly Jenkins, Brittany James, Cassie Harmon, Britten Fandrich and Penny Moose. Not pictured is Brittany Mcconnell.