Dolls reflect Harvey’s journey

Mary Lou Harvey gives an up-close view of one of her favorite dolls among her collection at Parkview Senior Living Community, Farragut. Mary Lou Harvey’s doll and human figurine collection totaling a few thousand — including scores bought in several countries worldwide — has ties to momentous world history events within the last 35 years.

Put on display to the delight of her Parkview Senior Living Community residents in July, Mary Lou’s collection often stimulates stories of what she witnessed, and barely escaped from, as a secretary (clerk) in the U.S. State Department. That featured various “postings” in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Australia.

A figurine from Iran reminds her of how she barely got out of that country in late 1979 just prior to American Embassy employees and military personnel being seized and held as hostages for more than one year.

“I was evacuated out of Tehran,” Mary Lou, 86, said.
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FWKCC Breakfast Speaker Series

Chris Talley, Arlene Weinstein, center, and Brandi Cawood Dr. Bill Bass, world-renown forensic anthropologist, made his ninth appearance as keynote speaker before Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Speaker Series — the latest being Tuesday morning, Sept. 30.

Bass punctuated his address, this time about cremation, with customary and well-received humor to a packed audience in Fox Den Country Club clubhouse.

For more photos from this event, please see Westside Faces in our print edition.