Weather folklore an East Tn. tradition: Haley

Comes from generations living in the mountains noticing clues

Popular weather folk signs in the region involve the wooly bear caterpillar, also known as the wooly worm, persimmons and fog. If the folk signs of the East Tennessee region holds true, Heather Haley, meteorologist and reporter with WLVT-TV, said the region can expect a colder, wet winter.

The folklore of how nature predicts the coming winter has been handed down through the ages, Haley, a Farragut High School graduate, said.

“I think a lot of it comes from generations of people living in the mountains and noticing the possible clues coming from nature,” she said. “I know some people still do [believe].

“For them, it’s a tradition and a way for people to plan ahead for winter.”

Some of the most popular weather folk signs in the region involve the wooly bear caterpillar, also known as the wooly worm, persimmons and fog, she said.

“The wooly worm is the most popular one around here,” Haley said. “The old saying with wooly worms, is the thinner the brown stripe on it, the harsher the winter.
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The benefits of being disorganized (Part I)

All I ever wanted to be was a wife and mom, so I majored in Home Economics in college. One of the courses was in cooking which I’ve always loved to do. Part of the curriculum included a time and motion study to track our steps while baking a cake.

“By being orgto tell you a story that ties in with my AHA moment, but you’ll have to read all the way to the end to see how it affects you if you’re blessed with being disorganized. In a wonderful book called anized,” Miss Cratzberry, the professor, told us; “you will save valuable time and energy to use on other activities in your homes. Being aware of the steps we take in the kitchen, preparing the family’s meals, is vital to becoming efficient in the daily tasks of homemaking.” I’m sure this study was thought up by some efficiency expert like Miss Cratzberry who never married and never had kids. In fact, one of the lessons in her course study was entitled Handling Servants. (Over the years, that information has come in so handy for me!)
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Bland welcomes global customers to Knoxville Harley Davidson West

You might be surprised how many international bikers Kim Bland serves at Knoxville Harley Davidson West.

“We have them from France, Germany, Italy, Australia, from different countries. When they travel they stop in,” said Bland, a motor clothes saleswoman at Knoxville Harley Davidson West, 605 Lovell Road, since August 2005 who has been a clothing saleswoman for 33 years.

Despite nationality, “You treat them all the same,” Bland said. “It’s kind of comical sometimes. We laugh at them, they laugh at us when we can’t understand what they’re saying. And then we start pointing. Sometimes we’ll write it down.

“It’s just one of those things where you’ve got to get a feel for that person, too.”

Far from dreading her work, “I enjoy every bit of it,” Bland said. “I like selling people things, and I just like talking to people and meeting people from all around the world, basically. Usually it’s a lot of fun, you make it fun.”
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Hardin Valley Academy Tailgate

Mark Packer, local television news anchor, left, alongside, from left, wife, Dee Dee Packer; mother-in-law, Glenda Stanfield; daughter, Hillary Packer, and Hillary’s boyfriend, Blake Foster A “Go Hawks” atmosphere was especially evident, along with an atmosphere smelling of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, Friday evening, Sept. 12.

Hardin Valley Academy Tailgate, an annual sponsor-driven munch-fest held prior to HVA football’s first varsity game, found South-Doyle as the opponent.

Chips, soft drinks and cookies made the grilled hamburgers and hot dogs all the tastier. Sandwiches, tacos and pizza also made for fun fare, as Hardin Valley parents and fans enjoyed munching down while exchanging humor and football talk. Various forms of entertainment included cornhole games.

Joining Food City as HVA Tailgate primary sponsors were Access Solutions, Inc., Subway, Embroidery Boutique, Taco Boy, Studio C, Marco’s Pizza, Sam’s Club and Moonwalks and Such and Mayfield Dairy Farms.

For more photos from this event, please see Westside Faces in our print edition.