Local artists invited to participate in town artist directory

Farragut Arts Council invites local artists to participate in the Farragut Artist Directory by submitting their information to the Town of Farragut.

The directory is available on town of Farragut website at townoffarragut.org/artsandculture and is updated twice a year. The deadline to be included in the next update of the directory is Monday, Aug. 3.

There is no charge for artists to be included in the directory, Chelsey Riemann, Farragut public relations coordinator, said, adding the directory has always been free for artists to be included.

“The Farragut Arts Council started the Farragut Artist Directory as a way to get information about our artists out to the greater community,” Riemann said, adding Farragut Artist Directory was never limited to just Farragut residents/artists.
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First Baptist Concord, community mourn Williams

During a celebration of life service, Monday, July 20, in First Baptist Church Concord in Farragut, friends and family members of Dick Williams, who died Friday, July 17, shared stories of how Williams was “good and faithful servant” who loved people and encouraged many. Emmett Wesley Williams, whom most knew as Dick, is remembered as a “good and faithful servant” who encouraged others to “keep moving” to share the gospel.

Family members and friends gathered Monday, July 20, in

First Baptist Church Concord, in Farragut, to share their memories of Williams during a celebration of life service.

There were tears and some chuckles that followed stories and memories about Williams during that service. While the 94-year-old died Friday, July 17, at Parkwest Medical Center, Dr. Doug Sager, one of the pastors who officiated the service, said Williams lives on in the hearts, minds and memories of those who knew him.

“A Christian never experiences death,” Sager said. “He just changes address.” Sager said he knew Williams as a man without fear of death who believed in Christ’s promise of everlasting life.
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Breakthrough 5k Run/Walk for Autism

From left, Cindy Abidi, Julie Jones, Robin Griffith, Bonnie Brulotte and Dolynn Loy Ninth Annual Breakthrough 5k Run/Walk for Autism ended

in Regal Cinemas Pinnacle Stadium 18 parking lot Saturday morning,

April 18.

Stewart Ellington of Farragut was first overall among hundreds of entries beginning and finishing the race or walk on Turkey Cove Lane.

For more photos from this event, please see Westside Faces in our print edition.

July is National Blueberry Month

Blueberry and Poppy Seed Chicken Salad with Almonds July is National Blueberry Month. In celebration, here are two blueberry recipes that are simple to make, especially now during the summer when people don’t want to spend as much time in their kitchens:

• Blueberry and Poppy Seed Chicken Salad with Almonds

• Buckwheat Pancakes with Fresh Blueberry Sauce

• Fun fact: July is also National Ice Cream Month, and this blueberry sauce is perfect for pouring over a bowl of French vanilla ice cream.

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, low in fat and loaded with — even just a handful can help you meet your daily fiber requirement and keep you full for longer. According to Medical Daily, they can improve heart health, reduce your cancer risk and boost brain health.
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It’s never too late to say thank you!

Woman married 44 years ago divorced 39 still owes thank you notes!

One of the common threads I found looking over all the responses to my recent admissions exam for Club Organized, was regret and guilt over not sending thank you notes.

One woman was so sorry and guilty for not sending them for her wedding 44 years earlier and she’d been divorced for 39 years! I can't help loving this woman!

The amazing thing we do to ourselves when we don’t thank someone is remember it forever. Every time we use the toaster we think of Aunt Sally and how she never got a thank you for it, and now she’s dead. It’s so easy to put off writing thank you notes, by thinking we just don’t have time and when we do have time, like when we’re waiting at the dentist or the DMV, we don’t have the cards to write.
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FHS grad receives appointment with Civil Air Patrol

Pictured above is Cadet Lt. Cody A. Ditchfield (second from right) along with his headquarters staff: Cadet 2nd Lt. A. Horrocks, the unit’s Executive Officer (far left); C/Chief Master Sergeant Z. Williams, the unit’s First Sergeant (to Ditchfield’s right); and C/Second Lieutenant L. Gorham, the unit’s Deputy Commander to Ditchfield’s left. Cadet Lieutenant Cody A. Ditchfield, who graduated from Farragut High School in May of this year, was recently appointed to the position of Cadet Com-mander of the TN-148 McGhee-Tyson Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.

The Change of Command ceremony was conducted on 02 July 2015 at Tennessee Wing Head-quarters located at McGhee-Tyson Airport and was officiated by Major L. Moore, the unit’s Commander. During the ceremony the unit’s guidon, or organization flag, passed hands from the outgoing commander, to the senior officer at the ceremony, then to the new commander. At that point, Ditchfield assumed command of the unit. Both Cadet Lieutenant Paul Schwarzentraub (outgoing commander) and Cadet Lieutenant Ditchfield then addressed the unit personnel, dignitaries and guests.
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