‘Kaye George’ has 10 novels published

Egner has a contract for new series

udy Egner, left, and Cheryl Peyton chat during the Aug. 3 meeting of Authors Guild of Tennessee at Faith Lutheran Church. The public is invited to the next meeting, from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 7, at the church.
Farragut resident Judy Egner isn’t a private eye, but she’d make a good one. She’s a crime writer who often goes by her pen name, “Kaye George.” As a matter of fact, many members of the Authors Guild of Tennessee who met this month at Faith Lutheran Church in Farragut don’t know her real name is Judy.

Egner said she finally found success as a writer and is “kind of astounded” that she has had 10 novels published and has a contract for another series.

She was at Faith Lutheran Church in Farragut Wednesday, Aug. 3, for the monthly meeting.

“The mission is to help each other sell their books,” Egner said. “We have them in six shops around the Knoxville area and they’re available online at”

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A final tribute to coach Welch highlights ‘intensity, integrity’

On top of his stellar reputation as a social studies teacher and coach of four sports at Farragut High School, the late Lendon Welch also stood out in David White’s mind for being “very intense.”

An assistant coach on the Admirals’ 1963 undefeated football team, coach Welch “liked to stress conditioning. I don’t know how many times he had us doing that darned duck walk from one end of the football field to the other. That was one of coach Welch’s favorite things,” said White, a senior All-County offensive and defensive end on that 1963 team.

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Farragut Museum still in ‘friend’ biz

About 30 years ago, Farragut-area resident Mary Nell McFee wallpapered inside a closet of her living room — with old newspapers. Then she took the closet door off. That way, a very important desk, a desk she had purchased from an Admiral David Farragut collector, would be on display.

“It was the mid-1980s and the Town of Farragut had just barely gotten started,” said Concord native Doris Woods Owens when Gov. Lamar Alexander announced Tennessee Homecoming celebration in the summer of 1986. And the Town of Farragut wanted to be involved.

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Clarity Pointe asks community to support ‘Packages for Heroes’

Clarity Pointe Memory Care Assisted Living veterans, from left, Albert Dietz, U.S. Air Force; John McBride, U.S. Navy, and Hollie Hodges, U.S. Navy, join Mary Lynne Payne, director of community relations, as they ask the Farragut community to donate packages for military men and women serving overseas. The facility is planning a kick-off celebration Tuesday, Sept. 26, to collect more packages.
Clarity Pointe Memory Care Assisted Living staff and its residents are asking the Farragut community to show support for military personnel serving overseas by creating “Packages for Heroes.”

“The plan is to gather personal care items and healthy foods to be distributed in packages decorated with love and patriotic messages from home to active-duty soldiers stationed around the world,” said Mary Lynne Payne, Clarity Pointe community relations director. “The goal is to create awareness of our active military to the folks at home and the need to recognize and assist their efforts from home.

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