‘Turf’s up’ early at MBL Park

David Mynes, project manager with Deluxe Athletics, works on Field No. 1 in Mayor Bob Leonard Park Monday, June 20. The artificial turf surface on Field No. 1 at Mayor Bob Leonard is nearing completion amd well ahead of schedule, said town of Farragut’s leading official on parks.

“It looks like this project will be done several weeks early. We expect the field to be complete in the next couple of weeks – weather dependent,” Sue Stuhl, Parks and Leisure Services Director, said.

She said the field would be available to rent starting Saturday, Aug. 6. Users can rent it through field use allocation or field use pre-pay process. She said none the fields at Mayor Bob Leonard and McFee Park are available for drop-in use.

“They are only available by reservation,” she said.

She said the artificial turf used would be a carpet made of slit-film polyethylene fibers tufted into a woven backing.

She listed many benefits to having artificial turf. She said unlike the previous natural turf field, renters could play on the field year round except during extreme heat, snow or thunderstorms.
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June storms ‘almost looked like disaster zone’

An uprooted tree in a Farragut subdivision after a storm that hit Thursday night, June 16. A storm hit parts of Farragut and West Knox County Thursday night, June 16, with strong winds uprooting large trees and causing power outages.

“It almost looked like a disaster zone on the street level,” Shannon Littleton, Lenoir City Utilities Board general manager, said. He said trees, limbs and other types of debris from yards lay on roads.

“In some locations it was difficult for our trucks to get through,” he said.

Littleton said LCUB’s linemen generally employ various methods to get past obstacles such as trees. These methods include driving around them, driving over them with four-wheel drive vehicles, cutting through them, or getting out and walking while carrying the equipment on their backs.

“It’s a hard job, and they have to get there the best way they know how, so whatever it takes they’re going to get there,” he said.
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BOMA votes 3-0 on trio of items

Drivers may see tulips, crape myrtles and dogwoods when leaving Exit 373 from Interstate 40/75 thanks to a unanimous decision by Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen Thursday, May 26.

BOMA approved a contract between Tennessee Department of Transportation and town of Farragut that would give the Town control over landscaping and maintenance of areas on all sides of Exit 373 from I-40/75.

“This is, let’s say, a dream or something,” Bud McKelvey, Farragut Public Works director, said.

McKelvey said he had brought up the idea for more than 15 years and succeeded in getting the contract after TDOT finished work on improvements to the exit.
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BOMA approves July Sales Tax Holiday signage

Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a resolution allowing businesses to put up signs for promotions during the Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday without it counting as one of the four allowed special events a business can have.

Farragut Business Alliance requested the 10-day period before and including Sales Tax Holiday as a Shop Farragut promotional time (from July 22 through July 31), similar to the Shop Farragut program between the Saturday before Thanksgiv-ing and Dec. 31. The actual Sales Tax Holiday runs from July 29 through July 31.

FBA received no additional funding at this meeting, held Thursday, June 23, in Town Hall.

“We just got our funding two weeks ago, and we’re still trying to lay out what Shop Farragut’s going to look like,” Allison Sousa, FBA executive director, said after the meeting regarding other future Shop Farragut events. She said FBA would continue the winter holiday season Shop Farragut while doing additional promotions including retail center events.

BOMA approved a budget for Fiscal Year 2017.
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police reports

• On May 24 at around 7:19 p.m., a South Williamsburg Drive complainant advised Knox County Sheriff’s Office that between May 6 and May 24 her identity was used to cash checks by the suspect. It was discovered the listed suspect, a 46-year-old white female, pretended to be the victim’s mother and entered TVA Credit Union and cashed four counterfeit checks that were written out to the victim. Complainant advised her savings account now is negative due to the withdrawal. Complainant advised there is video surveillance. Estimated loss is $710.

• On May 25 at around 8:13 p.m., a representative of Walgreens, 11927 Kingston Pike, Farragut, advised KCSO that between 7:50 and 8:13 p.m. the suspect, a 30-to-40-year-old white male, entered Walgreens and attempted to purchase a 12-pack of Coca Cola, a Rockstar Punched drink and four cartons of Marlboro cigarettes and three cartons of Newport cigarettes, but his card would not work. The complainant advised after the suspect tried paying numerous times he took the listed items and left without paying. Walgreens does have video surveillance of this incident. Estimated loss is $393.57.
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