Classroom is open

Town of Farragut officials and others involved in Farragut’s Outdoor Classroom held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday, Nov. 13, at the Town’s Outdoor Classroom, 220 N. Campbell Station Road. The classroom, next to Farragut High School’s west entrance, is an interactive community space with rainwater harvesting system. It provides space for hands-on learning opportunities, water quality demonstrations and school and non-profit groups’ environmental projects. It is open from dawn to dusk and there is no charge to use the facility, as it will be used on a project basis. For more information about the outdoor classroom, contact Jason Scott, Town stormwater coordinator, at 865-966-7057 or visit read more

Farragut prepares to ‘Celebrate the Season’

Elaina Olig, 3, and brother, Alex, 3, visited Santa last year during the town of Farragut’s Celebrate the Season. The Town is hosting this year’s Celebrate the Season from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4, in Farragut Town Hall, 11408 Municipal Center Drive, Farragut. Farragut and area residents are invited to celebrate the holidays at this year’s Celebrate the Season.

Farragut Beautification Committee will present its 21st annual Celebrate the Season from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4, in Farragut Town Hall, 11408 Municipal Center Drive.

“The community is invited to enjoy the beautiful Town Hall holiday decorations, sample treats and enjoy the numerous activities and performances being offered,” Chelsey Rie-mann, Farragut public relations coordinator, said.

“Celebrate the Season is one of our most fun, festive events of the year,” Arleen Higginbotham, Beautification Committee member, said. “Families love this event so much, especially the chance to have their children’s photos taken with Santa for free.
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‘Impact Fee’ returns to BOMA agenda

Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen postponed action on an Impact Fee that was listed on its agenda as an “Everett Road Corridor Improvement Fee.”

“We have more work to do on it,” Mayor Ralph McGill said during the Board’s meeting Thursday, Nov. 13, about the Impact Fee ordinance, which was to be considered on first reading.

According to a Town official, Tom Hale, Town attorney, asked for more time to research the fee.

The ordinance would mandate a formula-based road improvement fee for certain residential developments off Everett Road, Gary Palmer, Town assistant administrator, said.

The ordinance was presented to the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission for a recommendation at its meeting Oct. 16, when Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a flat fee.
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ETCH seeks homemade art, supplies for patients

Farragut residents can help brighten up the holidays for children in East Tennessee Children’s Hospital this season.

Parents can spend time with their children creating homemade artwork and then bring in or mail the drawings before 5 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 17, to farragutpress, 11863 Kingston Pike, Farragut, TN 37934.

Donations also can be brought in to farragutpress before the deadline.

The drawings and donations will be delivered to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Volunteer Services.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Cheryl Allmon, ETCH director of volunteer services and programs, said. “It’s a children’s hospital and what a better way to express that than to make it look bright, cheery and welcoming.”

The drawings will be displayed in farragutpress front lobby before being taken to Children’s Hospital, displayed and given to young patients.

Residents also can donate the following needed items: clean and used clothing for any age, sweat pants for ages from infants to extra-large, new socks and underwear, sample-sized toiletries, toys and craft supplies, food pantry items, microwavable meals and prepackaged granola bars.

“And, of course, toys for Christmas are always welcome,” Allmon said. “All donations come through the volunteer services office, so any donations that come in are processed through our offices and then distributed throughout the hospital and outlying areas.”
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Knox Commissioners meet at Big Kahuna

Bill Deatherage of Farragut, left, and Pat Tyrrell, center, of Loudon County were two of several people who talked to Knox County Commissioner-At-Large Ed Brantley during a community meeting Thursday, Nov. 13, in Big Kahuna Wings, Farragut. Farragut and area residents had an opportunity to have their voices heard when Knox County Commissioners-At-Large Bob Thomas and Ed Brantley hosted a community meeting at Big Kahuna Wings in Farragut Thursday, Nov. 13.

About five people talked to the Commissioners during he meeting. Thomas said this is the second community meeting held.

“What we are trying to do is make sure we go out after work to every part of the County so everyone who can’t necessarily go to a Commission meeting can come out, say hello and tell what their concerns and complaints are,” Thomas said. As at-large commissioners, he and Brantley cover all of Knox County.

“Last Monday [Nov. 10], we had two or three complaints about people going around school buses on Tipton Road. We called [Knox County] Sheriff’s Office.
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Farragut Gun Club reacts to BOMA meeting

Town of Farragut Alderman Bob Markli, left, speaks with fellow Farragut Gun Club members Liston Matthews, center, and Ted Ansink after the club’s Monday, Nov. 10, meeting at Gander Mtn. In background is Bill Johns, FGC founder. The founder of Farragut Gun Club called out Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill on the issue of “First Amendment rights,” while saying Town leaders are failing to follow “administrative law and procedure” in banning permitted handguns in parks and greenways.

Bill Johns, FGC founder, commented on the issue 18 days after FGC members were among four men speaking against the ban during the Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s Citizen Forum Thursday, Oct. 23.

“I was highly disappointed in the Mayor, especially when attorney Doug Dutton was going to stand up in the meeting [and speak]. He made the comment basically that, ‘We’ve already heard Liston [Matthews] speak, we don’t need to hear anybody else speak,’” Johns said during his club’s most recent meeting, Monday, Nov. 10, in Gander Mountain among roughly 35 attendees. “Doug here, for some reason I guess, followed his First Amendment right during a Citizen Forum of a public meeting that was publically published and did a great job.
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• Jack Slaughter was incorrectly idenified as Gary Schmitz in a photo appearing in West Side Faces Thursday, Nov. 13. We regret the error.