Three seek District 7 state senate seat

Mike Alford said he’s more in tune with transportation growth for Knox County, which means long-time economic growth, versus District 7 State Sen. Stacey Campfield or challenger Dr. Richard Briggs.

Yet among these three Republican candidates for District 7 state senate, Alford admitted he needs to learn more about the state’s mounting TennCare cost and coverage problems.

“I’m a little outside the box as far as everything that’s been going on,” said Alford, 53, a tour bus driver from West Knoxville, and former engineer, who has never held elected office. He lost the 2006 District 4 race for Knox County Commission.

However, “I’m a clear, open-minded individual that will listen to the constituents and listen to the state legislature of what’s going on, and decide from there,” Alford added. “I have patience, I read a lot and I listen.”
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Neighborhood asks for 4-way stop

Residents of Steeplechase subdivision said they believe the intersection created with the opening of the Watt Road extension has created the need for a 4-way stop. Fearing an undesired increase in traffic along Old Stage Road, Steeplechase subdivision’s 33 households have overwhelming been against the Watt Road extension according to Sherman Patterson, homeowners association treasurer and spokesman.

To make the best of an unwanted intersection where Steeplechase’s Old Stage entrance lines up with the new extension, the vast majority of Steeplechase residents, Patterson added, would like to see a four-way stop there.

“Everybody I talk to does,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of older people living here, and it was a danger going out the back side when we had to go out that way, because you can’t see on Dixon Road when you go out the back entrance.”

“My guess is it would not be warranted for a multi-way stop,” Darryl Smith, Town engineer, said about the two roads not having enough traffic volume. “We would probably take a look at it with just one citizen coming forward.
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FY 2014-5 committees, boards set

Some new faces will be seen this year on some of the Town’s committees and boards joining present members.

Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen appointed the members during its Thursday, June 12, meeting, and approved its 2014-2015 budget as well.

Before the meeting, Board members discussed the appointments in a workshop.

“You have folks who have put in a lot of years who could be offended if not chosen, and at the same time, you have new ones,” Alderman Ron Honken said. “I think it would be worthwhile to expand a couple of these boards.”

Honken said since several of the new candidates for the boards were recent graduates of the Intro to Farragut program, he thought they should be placed on a committee or board.

However, Alderman Jeff Elliott said while choosing is a challenge, the Board cannot keep expanding committee sizes.
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FMPC approves zone change to Villas

Saddlebrook Properties, LLC, the new developers wanting to buy and develop Villas at Anchor Park, have received approval for the Villas’ zone to be changed from attached single-family residential to open space mixed residential overlay, which would allow detached dwellings.

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission voted unanimously to allow the zoning change during its meeting Thursday, July 17.

Mark Shipley, Farragut Community Development director, said the final plat included 35 units on 11 acres. The units were platted as duplexes or attached single-family dwellings.

Only one building was constructed, he added.

However, because of the changing market the current property owners, McBride Company, want to sell the development to Saddlebrook Properties, LLC, which wants to build detached dwellings.
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Legal Notices

AGENDA FARRAGUT BOARD OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN July 24, 2014 BMA WORKSHOP 6:15 PM BMA MEETING 7:00 PM I. Silent Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call II. Approval of Agenda Ill. Mayor's Report

IV. Citizens Forum V. Approval of Minutes A. June 26, 2014 B. July 10, 2014 Ordinance A. Second Reading 1. Ordinance 14-09, Ordinance to amend Ordinance 14-06, Fiscal Year 2015 Budget, Capital Invest-ment Program & State Street Aid B. First Reading 1. Ordinance 14-07, an ordinance to amend Title 9, Businesses, Peddlers, Solicitors, etc., Chapter 4, Sign Ordinance, of the Farragut Municipal Code, Section 9-406 (4)(p), to amend the requirements for wall signs in the office district, three stories (o-1-3) and office district, five stories (o-1-5) - shared entrance building VII. Business Items A. Approval of Resolution: R-2014-06, a resolution by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the Town of Farragut authorizing the Town to participate in The Pool's "Safety Partners" Loss Control Matching Safety Grant Program B. Ap-proval of Special Event Signage for the News Sentinel Open golf tournament C. Approval of Special Event Application for the Turkey Creek/Farragut 13.1 Half Marathon/5K Kids Run VIII. Town Administrator's Report IX. Town Attorney's Report
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