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Markli rebuttal to Oct. 12 presstalk

I was amused at last week’s anonymous Presstalk caller’s attempt at promoting big government. In his attempt he unwittingly reinforced the premise of our enlightened founders that government is a poor bargain and the less the better.

Using his numbers of $650 for water, $2,000 for electricity and $1,000 for gas annually for a Farragut household equals a total of $3,650 per year per household, times 8,600 households and you have a total expenditure of $31,390,000 for utilities that we can say the homeowners of Farragut pay annually. Where our anonymous mathematician’s case breaks down is in the fact that where that Ohio town’s residents paid annual taxes for their town to run these utilities, etc., they on top of that paid more than that back to their government in utility bills.

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