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• Well, considering future Town themes and ideas, could the Board [of Mayor and Aldermen] consider the Russell House be renovated into the Campbell Station Inn? If a simple, modern kitchen were added on and some improvements made with old type furnishing and decorations and costumes of the period were used, I bet Farragut could end up with a destination restaurant. I know I made a point of going to the taverns and the inns when I was in Williamsburg and historical Philadelphia. Just an idea.

• In response to a letter to the editor last week, it’s true that Kingsgate Road and Midhurst Road have a huge problem. Trash bins, mailboxes, driveways, flowers and plants have been set on fire. Even when damage has been significant, insurance claims been made, the [Knox County] Sheriff’s [Office] does not let you file a report. They don’t seem to have any interest or concern with this problem. I believe this individual’s actions are indeed escalating. When they set fires to our property it could very easily go so wrong, a bit of wind could cause a house to burn down or lives could be lost. It’s very scary and very unsafe. Neighbors, please lock your homes when you are out in your yard mowing or playing. This individual might easily go from destroying things outside to entering your home. It’s anybody’s guess how tragic that might turn out.
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