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• We moved to Farragut from [Knoxville] four years ago for the following reasons: fantastic schools, availability of quality homes in great neighborhoods, proximity of dining and shopping options and a township board that really seemed interested in maintaining and bettering these attributes. Now, after reading about the plans to change zoning ordinances to accommodate a gigantic apartment complex just a few hundred yards from an already congested traffic intersection (and within 1 mile of our beloved primary school), it is abundantly clear that the Town Board members do not give a hoot about Farragut’s image — branding, if you will — schools and property values. I am beyond disappointed and would not be surprised if homeowners close to the “multi-family dwelling” (aka apartment complex — let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?) chose to unload their houses in anticipation of the new arrival. I also am expecting to hear soon that my neighborhood will be rezoned to another school, so that our considerable donations and volunteering/fundraising efforts for the Farragut schools will be displaced and replaced by ... (?) Please, tell us — the homeowners that help to make Farragut a great place to live and raise families — how many signatures [would] you need to STOP the development of these apartments? I guarantee we will exceed whatever number you give us. read more