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• I was just calling to compliment the professionalism and affordability of [a local veterinarian] off Kingston Pike. … He is to be commended and he is truly an asset to the Farragut community.

• I’m calling about the Farragut Food Festival, which was held a few weeks ago. According to the farragutpress it raised $1,000 only to benefit the Second Harvest [Food Bank]. How is that possible when the ticket prices were $25 and $35 each, and according to this article they sold at least 800 advanced tickets and 1,300 people or more attended. Why isn’t the number that was raised closer to $25,000. … The ticket prices were exorbitant, very high at $35 or $25 advanced sale. I wanted to go, but that is way too much, especially when it turns out that very little of the ticket price goes to Second Harvest. If the numbers reported in the farragutpress are accurate, less than $1 out of every ticket out of $25 and $35 went to charity. Where is the rest of the money going?
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