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• For those of you that must not be aware of the posted speed limit … I would like to make sure everyone knows the speed limit on Grigsby Chapel Road is 40 mph. Not 30. Not 35. Not even 38. But 40. That means you can drive 40 miles per hour on Grigsby Chapel Road. Thank you.

• I’m calling to express my concern about all these apartment complexes that are being proposed for Farragut. The reason why I moved my family here [is] precisely because it is a family, single home-type of town. The thing is I understand developers find it very attractive but at the same time we don’t want apartments here. That’s why we moved here. Tell everybody that we don’t want apartments in Farragut. It is specifically for single family homes. That’s why we moved here. That’s why we picked this area. Otherwise this will become just like the rest of the city.
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