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• I just wanted to make our neighbors in Farragut aware of an incident that occurred around 7:30 p.m., Monday evening, July 21, off Southwick Circle in Andover Place. Our teenage son was home and answered the door to a man who said he was there to do yard work, trim bushes etc. My son called me and I was pretty certain that was not true but called my husband who was at work. My husband verified it by telling me, no, that was not true. A few minutes later my son called me again. The man gets on the phone telling me he had just spoken with my husband (my son admitted he had) and that it was all good, that my husband had just forgotten and that he’d go ahead and start working. The guy also asked me to go to my ATM on the way home so I could give him cash instead of a check. I thought it all sounded crazy so I called my husband again who told me that it was all not true and he told the man No, he did not want his help. My husband left work and got home and there were three men working in our yard. They told my son they’d been working for us for 15 years. My husband had never seen these guys before. The men were in their mid 20s and obviously desperate for money. My husband asked them to leave and not to return. They left in a gold Mercedes SUV. The police were notified. read more