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• This is concerning the post office in Farragut, Tennessee. It is absolutely embarrassing and appalling how the post office maintains the facility there. The grass was cut [the day of this presstalk call] and they leave all the grass in the street. Nothing is blown and maintained at all. I guess they’re expecting the Town of Farragut to do it for them. It’s absolutely embarrassing that [such] a federal building sits across from the Town [Hall] of Farragut. [As for] the Town of Farragut facility, hats off to the Town of Farragut and all the maintenance workers of how well they maintain their facility. But post office across the street … it’s uncalled for. Somebody needs to light a fire under the postmaster’s job and somebody needs to spend a little more time maintaining the facility and cleaning up after themselves. And also, [there is] dead brush. Trees, bushes need to be trimmed. I can’t believe that we operate like we do.

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