HVA marching band show is ‘Wolfgang,’ with a twist

Hardin Valley Academy Marching Band member Mia McAllister, a junior, works on her flag movements during HVA’s band camp. It’s all in preparation to formally unveil the band’s program, “Wolfgang” with a twist, through the fall semester season.
Hardin Valley Academy Spirit of the Valley Marching Band members learned the basics, so they could howl at football game halftimes, during the school’s annual band camp.

The camp ran from Monday, July 17, through Friday, July 28. Their work ended with a performance Friday, July 28, on the HVA football field for a gathering of parents and other band boosters.

“It’s a preview of what they’ve learned so far,” Alex Rector, HVA Band director, said.

“[The members] are willing to be out here, so it’s a good sign,” he added. “The kids are working harder than in the past, and with the weather getting hotter toward the end of the week, I’m just really proud of their effort and determination.”

During band camp members learn the basics, from the movements and footwork to show routines and music, he said.

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