Pastor Dan joins Faith Lutheran

The Faith Lutheran Church congregation is welcoming a new “co-pastor” to the fold, the Rev. Daniel Forehand, starting Saturday, May 1, at the church, 225 Jamestowne Blvd. in Farragut.

Forehand will be sharing pastoring duties with current pastor, the Rev. Dr. Robert “Bob” Stelter, and will be installed during FLC’s worship services at 9 and 11:11 a.m., Sunday, May 16.

Coming to Farragut was “a match made in Heaven,” Forehand said. “We’re looking forward to it.

“I hope to bring some energy, some excitement about how we can be a church in this new time” he added. “I think the pandemic has shown us that people crave community, but they also have found an online experience, where people can gather at will, (which) is also kind of exciting … so helping to kind of finally be able to do both online and in person.

“Most importantly, I hope I will bring a great love for God and a great love for the people of God, too. My ministry is, hopefully, centered in that gift of love we have received from Jesus.”

“I’m excited for the community and the congregation to welcome Pastor Dan,” Stelter said. “I know our congregation and the Farragut community will appreciate him. He’s down to earth, friendly and a dedicated disciple of Christ.

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Town’s free yoga class ‘filled with movement, laughter’

The Town of Farragut is offering a program that teaches families new skills, while also promoting togetherness and fun.

Its Family Y\Yoga class, which meet at 5 p.m., Mondays in Farragut Community Center’s Assembly Hall — it began as pre-school yoga classes last July — has been ongoing since November, featuring a few dedicated families who regularly attend.

However, Brittany Spencer, Town Special Event & Program coordinator, is hoping to shine a spotlight on the program to potentially generate more interest.

“This is a great, free weekly program for families of all ages that is filled with movement and laughter,” Spencer said. “(Teacher) Jenny Trussell is a registered children’s yoga teacher and is also a 500-hour registered yoga teacher and has been teaching our Family Yoga class since we re-opened the community center last summer.

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Easter Egg Hunt hosted at RiverView Family Farm

More than 100 families turned out for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt hosted at RiverView Family Farm, 12124 Prater Lane in Concord, Saturday, April 3.

This is the 10th year RiverView, a 200-year-old farm, has held the two-day event, which started Friday, April 2.

“We love it,” Rachel Samulski, a family member with the farm, said about hosting the event. She pointed out the children could spread out in their search for eggs in a 20-acre field.

“If they get a Golden Egg, they get a T-shirt,” she added. “People can social distance and get fresh air.”

Samulski said a child finds a Golden Egg every 30 minutes.

Other activities included arts and crafts; 4-H team members who brought their baby goats, lambs and rabbits for children to pet; face-painting; riding the cow train; and play games.

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How to handle dogs’ nerves during storms

Ask the Vet

Q: “Betsy” is my sweet little mixed-breed dog that we adopted last summer. She’s a very good girl. However, she hates it when it storms. Betsy gets really nervous, drools a lot, paces and sometimes even cries. My neighbor uses a thundershirt for his dog. What do you think?

A: You and Betsy are not alone. There are many owners who have pets that struggle with storm anxiety. The anxiety is generally related to the noise, whether it be rain, thunder or severe winds; some pets react before the storm even arrives, seemingly sensing barometric pressure changes.

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