As your newest alderman, I am proud to represent the Town of Farragut. I was born and raised in Farragut and consider it an honor and privilege to serve this well-established and growing community. Allow me to introduce myself, give you some background and share my vision for this town I love.

Born six months after Farragut was incorporated, I have lived my entire life here. I am a product of the Farragut school system from primary through high school. From a very young age I realized that Farragut is a special place and began to take great pride in this area. Riding my bike, playing on the fields at Anchor Park, blue light specials at K-Mart, Super Saturdays at Putt-Putt, parties in the Good Times room at Mr. Gatti’s – these are the activities that filled my joyful childhood. The Town of Farragut has been an anchor in my life story.

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