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FUD restriction request is ‘management of growth’

I have read recent Letters to the Editor regarding the latest announcements by (First Utility District) requesting restricted use of residential sprinklers. One side has criticized the use of water rationing and wonders why the county and city cannot work with that utility company to control water demand.

Another person writes in and states that water rationing is part of being a good neighbor and supports community growth.

The issue is much, much larger.

The issue is the management of growth, or in this case, sprawl. There is not much in the way of managed growth that I have observed in my 20-year tenure in the area. In addition, the grid sprawl manifests itself in ways other than calls for water rationing.

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letter to the editor

Light timing must improve at KP-Watt

For the past couple of weeks there have been traffic back-ups at the Kingston Pike/Watt Road traffic signal intersection. These backups can stretch for almost a mile at times.

What has happened to the traffic light and who is responsible for getting it straightened out? There obviously is a problem with the timing and it needs adjustment.

Michael Shepherd