letter to the editor

Opposition to Town Center is spelled out

Comments (to) Town of Farragut and the editor of farragut-press (concerning) development of old Kroger site:

I strongly oppose this development as proposed. The area from Campbell Station Road to Concord Road along Kingston Pike and down both Concord Road and Campbell Station road is arguably already the most traffic-congested area of Farragut.

It bounds Farragut High, Middle and Intermediate schools, and adding to this congestion is a hazard to the parents and children going to and from the schools. We have already made a mess of this area with the ugly “food truck” edifice, which looks like some sort of prison to me. The thing makes a mockery of the beautiful park and restoration of the Campbell Station Inn just across Campbell Station Road at Kingston Pike.

According to the US Census bureau’s most recent data, Farragut averages 2.69 persons per household at a density of 1,413 persons per square mile. What is proposed equates to a population density of 123,552 persons per square mile immediately across from the entrance to Farragut High School. If this is permitted here, what is to stop developers from insisting on the same thing throughout Farragut?

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voting related tips

It is time to make a plan to vote. The League of Women Voters urges all citizens to plan ahead for the November elections.

First — Make sure you are registered to vote by Oct. 5, or confirm your registration status at www.GoVoteTn.com. Next, decide which is the best way for you to vote: in person on Election Day, on Early Voting Days or by absentee by mail voting.

Second — Check to see if you are eligible for absentee by mail voting. Voters 60 and older and those with special vulnerabilities to COVID are among the voters eligible. If you decide to vote absentee by mail, allow plenty of time for the mail. The U.S. Postal Service recommends at least 15 days. Ballot applications can be submitted now; ballots will be mailed in mid-to-late September and should be returned as soon as possible. You can track your absentee ballot at www.GoVoteTN.org. For more details about absentee voting visit www.lwvtn.org.

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