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• I’m very concerned about the width and position of these lanes on Peterson Road. They are very dangerous for traffic and residents. I passed a school bus and it had to be in the oncoming traffic lane because it would not fit its lane. Very dangerous.

• I am a resident of Kingsgate; I have lived here for many years. The “improvements,” or the changes on Peterson Road, I think are very dangerous. I think it is now one of the more dangerous roads in Knox County. We’re not needing to move mailboxes backwards because they need to be able to have the mail delivered, but narrowing those roads — particularly going south up the hill — is a dangerous situation when buses and trucks come through. So I wish that the Town would do something about those lanes. They have made this worse — people are still speeding in terms of that, but it’s not that much speed. Something needs to be done. This is not good, the changes on Peterson Road. … I think something is going to happen, then maybe something would be changed. In the meantime maybe our officials of the Town could maybe have a meeting at the base of Peterson hill and walk up and see how many bicyclers or runners go up that hill. But the thing is, maybe if they had the same thing happen in their subdivisions it might make them think a little bit more about it.

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