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• I thought it was hilarious with the photo you showed, Through the Lens, of the United States Post Office, Farragut Branch (photo was limited to engraved signage lettering within the stone façade, which ran in our Thursday, June 13, issue). That is a very, very old picture. Have you looked lately? It is so soot-covered, moss-covered, horribly looking up there. (The stone facing is) darker, or as dark as (the lettering) “United States Post Office Farragut Branch.” That caught my attention much more than your request for “does Farragut have an identity problem?” (Editor’s note: this so-called “very, very old picture” was taken Monday, June 10. Moreover, there was no significant photoshop work on this Through the Lens photo to cover up “soot” or “moss” background darkness to make the lettering readable).

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