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• I’m calling to give thanks and to celebrate the $3.725 million that Tennessee received from the American Rescue Plan (Act), as reported by the farragutpress (page 2A story in our Wednesday, Nov. 16, issue). The paper also reports that Farragut received almost $2 million of those dollars. Thank you to all of Tennessee’s members of Congress who voted for this support and legislation — and for helping Tennessee on the road to recovery.

• At the last Farragut (Municipal) Planning Commission (meeting, Thursday, Nov. 17), Commissioners need to be more friendly to business wanting to come into Farragut. The Hy-Vee people from Des Moines, Iowa, they probably feel like Farragut’s not really friendly to business.

Glen Abbey would have a new traffic signal at Jamestowne Boulevard; they can come out of Jamestowne Boulevard at the traffic signal with Hy-Vee’s proposal. Whereas now, they have to risk it coming out of Glen Abbey turning left onto Kingston Pike.

The back property in the proposal from Hy-Vee is lower density per acre than Park Place or Glen Abbey. They are only asking for 2.5 density per acre.

The last thing is, Farragut better realize if you don’t encourage business, with its sales tax, coming into Farragut, you’re going to have to borrow money or have a (Town) homeowners property tax to support some of these budget items you have coming up for Farragut — unless you are more friendly to business. Farragut needs money.

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