After 6 years, The Pizza Kitchen revived

After being closed for six years from its Northshore Drive location, Travis Redmon has re-opened The Pizza Kitchen at a new site in the former Empire Pizza in Lovell Heights shopping center, offering a gourmet flair of New York-style pizza.
The Pizza Kitchen is back with a new location near Farragut.

Owner Travis Redmon opened the business Oct. 21 at the former Empire Pizza location, 10420 Kingston Pike in Lovell Heights shopping center just east of Town limits.

“It’s been fun to see former customers rediscover us,” he said.

The restaurant offers pizzas more on the gourmet spectrum.

“It’s the New York-style with flair,” Redmon said. “We have your basics, from pepperoni and Mama Mia, which would almost be like a supreme, to off-the-grid items, which would be like a Thai pie, which is a peanut sauce-based pizza — it’s incredible. We also have the pesto swirl, which is (in our) top three favorites.

“So, we mix up the classics, with some off-the-grid items people love,” he added. “We’ve got a pumpkin pizza right now that’s our special.”

The Pizza Kitchen’s fare also leans more toward a healthier choice.

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Southern Style Market a new complement to Shae Design Studio

Shae Design Studio owner Shae Seeber, left, and interior designer Olivia Greenway welcome the Farragut community to Seeber’s newest venture, Southern Style Market, a new boutique adjacent to SDS in Lovell Heights shopping center, 10420 Kingston Pike.
Shae Design Studio has branched out to add fashion, home décor and gifts to its repertoire at its new boutique, Southern Style Market — adjacent to SDS, 10420 Kingston Pike in Lovell Heights shopping center near Farragut — just in time for the holidays.

“I am so excited about it,” said Shae Seeber, owner of SDS and SS-Market. “Our goal is to bring incredible fashion for all ages. I think we’ve got something for little bitties all the way up.”

“And, for fur babies, as well as our real babies,” Southern Style Market manager Olivia Greenway said.

About complementing the Studio, Greenway added, “We were slowly bringing in home décor, as well as furniture, and we kind of wanted to expand on our home décor side of it and bring in some giftable items, as well as clothing, and merge them together since fashion and interior design go hand in hand, to have a one-stop shop.”

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