letters to the editor

‘Happy’ study not worth much

Once again it seems as if the obsession of creating some kind of list and corresponding ranking of just about everything in daily life is getting more absurd. The recent Zippia ranking of the 10 “happiest” places In Tennessee is a prime example.

The criteria used seems to be very exclusionary. Sorry, but if you don’t have at least a bachelor’s-level degree, are single, don’t own your own home and have a long commute you have NO shot at being “happy.” Zappia doesn’t really define “happy” — but whatever it is you can’t get there from here! Just wondering how many people with advanced degrees, high paying jobs and magnificent homes are totally miserable?

Now I’m truly conflicted. What if I live inside the town limits of Farragut — designated as “happy.” But I don’t meet all the exacting criteria and am therefore designated to be “unhappy.” What am I to do?? Be “happy” on some days and “unhappy” on other days. No, wait. That is too much like human nature.

I always thought true happiness is a state of mind. Hard to identify and even harder to quantify. If you think you are happy ... then you are happy. What is so hard to understand about that?

Did you notice that nine of the ten hallowed areas are suburbs of the four largest metro areas in Tennessee? (Park City is the exception). Must be something magical in suburban water supplies.

Farragut is, indeed, a great place to live and I’m sure that most residents are truly happy. But let’s not limit that happiness to just a select group of citizens dreamed up by some obscure website looking for a headline. This ranking did accomplish its major objective: generating free of publicity for Zappia. (At least in 10 locations).

So let’s tap the brakes a little bit and recognize the “study” for what it’s worth. Not much.

With Happy Regards,

Jim Holladay

Plea for safe drivers

This is my heartfelt plea designed to save lives in west Knox County.

While good health advocates encourage walking for exercise, sadly many west Knox County drivers seem unaware of their responsibilities at red light corners. I sadly predict the serious injury or death of a pedestrian at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Grigsby Chapel/Parkside Drive. If that occurs and you are the cause as a driver, HOW WILL YOU FEEL?

My friend and I often walk east on Grigsby Chapel and cross at the aforementioned corner WITH the green light and WITH the pedestrian walk sign operating. Drivers turning right rev up at the green light, racing through the intersection without understanding they MUST yield to a walker beginning into the crosswalk.

Recently we were grazed by a truck driver and he stopped while I was directly in front of him, one hand banging on the hood and other other holding off the grill from hitting me. My friend jumped out of the way after being hit. It took a couple seconds reaction time for the young man to stop his vehicle.

Now we furiously wave at the right turning drivers (almost always adults and not teen-agers), trying to make them understand they need to stop, but they seem to not comprehend and continue on. We miss the light rather than getting hit. A few drivers get it and stop, but most do not.

Please think about this at every intersection. WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE ON FOOT OR ON BICYCLES.

Diane O’Keefe Kaschak