Rainwater earns status as Renaissance educator

Amy Smith Rainwater, a teacher at Concord Christian School in Farragut, has earned status as a Renaissance Learning Empowered Educator and is listed on its National Teacher Honor Roll for reading.

Rainwater credits her students for the achievement.

“I am very proud of my students for their hard work in reading,” she said. “It’s wonderful to see the progress they have made from the beginning of the first grade, when they are reluctant, beginning readers to end of the year, when they are confident.

“They are reading chapter books and they are developing a love for reading.”

She said the designation validates her students’ hard work and rewards the class for its hard work.

Rainwater has achieved Renaissance Learning Empowered Educator status since 2014.

It replaced the Model Class-room Designation, which she held for 15 consecutive years.

Prior to joining CCS 13 years ago, Rainwater taught at Ritta Elementary School in the Knox County Schools System.

Educators achieve the National Honor Roll status by providing no less than 25 weeks of data showing success meeting data targets research shows lead to optimal student growth in reading.

“My students have affectively used the Accelerated Reader Program,” Rainwater said. “They have met the requirements and are becoming effective readers.”

The honor roll looks at encouragement in reading and comprehension over a 25-week period, Rainwater said.

“They require you to have 90 percent of students have 80 percent comprehension,” she said. “We had 100 percent of the class have 90 percent or higher comprehension average. We exceeded the requirements with the Accel-erated Reader Program.”

Rainwater is a graduate of Western Washington University.