Lighthouse brings light to outdoor living

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting brings the exterior of homeowners’ residences to light.

“We focus on outdoor and architectural lighting and lighting for outdoor living spaces,” Heath Myrick, general manager and owner, said. “The reason customers call us is they want to create curb appeal and extend the safety and security of their homes.”

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting will not be found at a storefront, since it is mobile, but Myrick said more than 50 percent of his business is in Farragut.

“We are involved in the community, as well, and we are a member of Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce,” he said.

“My company is part of a national franchise with 25-plus locations across the United States.

“We specialize in professional-grade, low-voltage lighting with an emphasis on improving aesthetics, safety and extending usability of outside homes and landscapes.”

The LED system is more energy efficient and cheaper than the standard 120-volt lighting, Myrick said. The low-voltage system may run about $2 a month to operate it for seven hours a week.

He compared the LED lighting with halogen lighting, which he said could run about $35 a month.

“There is not a big emphasis on the style of the fixture,” Myrick said. “We typically put in solid brass to blend in with the home. We want to see the effects of the lighting, not so much the fixture, but we do have specialized lights.

Those lights may include the tiki lighting, which he said is popular around swimming pools and hardscapes. Now that spring has arrived, he said people are looking at the lighting outside their homes.

“It’s amazing once spring springs, it’s kind of like turning on a switch,” Myrick said. “They try to spend more time outdoors.”

When homeowners want to spruce up their outdoor spaces, he recommended people look at the scope of the project.

“We can talk through their goals,” Myrick said. We set up a nighttime demonstration so they can see what it would look like before they make an investment.”

“We have standards we design by,” Myrick said. “We’re helping accomplish what the homeowner wants to accomplish.”

To accomplish the customers’ goals, he said he helps customers with their designs. For example, to avoid a “runway” approach along a walkway, he will stagger the lighting to draw people through the pathway.

There also are certain architectural fixtures people miss along the outside of their homes.

For more information, Myrick can be reached at Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting Monday through Saturday at 865-484-4011, online at or by e-mail at