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• Just paid off my taxes, two people working full time, cutting coupons, not getting any breaks. It’s a shame how much we had to pay in taxes and we still don’t have a lot of money left over. Working full time is not easy and raising two kids without public assistance I get. So, I go to the grocery store. The lady in front of me buys two big cartons of cigarettes, said specifically what she wanted and paid for them in cash. Wow, that’s expensive, I think. Then she pulls out her food stamp card and pays for her groceries. I sure am glad I could buy that nice lady some cigarettes today. That really made my day.

• I noticed the article in the farragutpress about the Herron property. It’s taken well over a year for the poor people who own this property to be able to use their property. Also, I noticed where [Alderman] Louise Povlin says she doesn’t like two-story buildings. That’s not her role, that’s over reaching and over pandering into people’s business and private property rights. That’s not the role of an alderman. Louise Povlin should not say that. I’ve seen many good assisted living projects that are two story. That’s the role of development, private property and capital allotment into projects. It’s not the Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s role to tell you how tall an assisted living building should be. I want to note again it’s taken well over a year for those poor people who own the property at Herron Road to get anything done with their property. That’s why people don’t come into Farragut, that’s why businesses do not come into Farragut. It’s too difficult, it’s too complex, it’s too ‘in your face.’ People in Farragut have lost their private property rights. That’s the problem with filling up the vacancies on Kingston Pike. That’s the problem with Farragut. It’s too complicated. It takes too long. Go down to Highway 321 in Lenoir City/

Tellico and look at all the development. We have no new development on Kingston Pike. That’s the reason. It’s over reaching and too, ‘in your face,” too many meetings for a private property owner to get to develop their property. It’s against the Constitutional rights of Ameri-cans.

• Farragut is going to have to start paying landowners for taking away their property use, taking away their Constitutional rights. Somebody in Farragut is going to sue the Town and the Aldermen for confiscating their property rights. [Alderman] Bob Markli is dead right about that so, that’s going to happen it looks like.

• Whose bright idea was it to put a Knox County Sheriff’s Office patrol car with all its lights flashing at the crosswalk to the Farragut Baseball Inc. fields off Northshore Drive at dusk? The lights end up being so blinding that you can’t see if someone is actually in the crosswalk at all. I certainly hope my tax dollars aren’t being wasted on this inappropriate use of public property.

• I noticed the local TV news had a story about a doctor who wants to open a family practice off Northshore Drive near the Choto Road roundabout. I couldn’t help but notice that the people protesting the doctor were calling her practice a pain clinic operator and a pill mill office. Where is the proof of such accusations? Her attorney, Arthur Seymour, spoke clearly when he said on TV she only wanted to open a family practice and treat colds and flu and such. She should sue those homeowner association people for defamation. Isn’t this the same bunch of people who didn’t want Weigel’s to build there?