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• The town of Farragut offered a free self-defense class at the Town Hall facility exclusively for women. This class was presented by The University of Tennessee Police Department. In attendance were mothers and daughters, high school students and even grandmothers. It was a 12-hour course and we came away with the knowledge, confidence and tools that will enable us to take care of dangerous situations, so that we are now much less likely to become a victim of personal violence. I want to thank the town of Farragut and Sue Stuhl, and the UTPD for providing this valuable class. The Town and the university is to be commended for their vision of a safer community and the hands-on assistance to make that vision a reality. Kudos to all concerned!

• Aubrey’s please don’t leave us, we love you and continue to whole-heartedly support you.

• With all the empty business places in Farragut, surely, there would be one big enough for Aubrey’s to expand. We need Aubrey’s. This is our only local restaurant. Please Aubrey’s stay with us.

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