Rain barrel workshop scheduled

Participants can build rain barrels and learn about their benefits at Farragut’s Rain Barrel Workshop.

In partnership with the Water Quality Forum, town of Farragut will host the workshop from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Saturday, May 21, in Farragut Town Hall.

“Rain barrels can serve really multiple functions,” Lori Saal, Farragut Stormwater coordinator, said. One function is water conservation.

“They allow people to capture water as it falls off of their roof and they can utilize it for whatever purposes later, like irrigation of the garden they have. So, they’re saving water,” she said.

Another benefit of rain barrels is saving money.

“They’re saving money on their water bill in that they’re not using the public water source and having to pay that money for the same function of, perhaps, watering plants,” she said.

The workshop will teach participants about benefits of rainwater harvesting. On a more practical level, Saal said participants also will learn how to build and install rain barrels to bring home.

Every participant will receive a 55-gallon rain barrel ready for installation. All necessary hardware, including the hose for a downspout connection will be included. Workshop participants will pay $40 for each barrel they wish to make and take with them.

She said they will begin to build their barrels at the workshop and receive instruction on how to set up their barrels at home.

“We call it a ‘make it take it workshop,’ because they really do make it there and then take it home” Saal said.

Because there is a limited number of barrels, participants should register in advance. They can register by e-mailing Kellie Caughorn with Tennessee Water Resources Research Center at kcaughor@utk.edu or by calling 865-974-2151. When calling or e-mailing, include their names, the workshop location at Farra-gut Town Hall, number of attendees, number of rain barrels, e-mail address and phone number.

While the rain barrels made in this workshop do not treat water for drinking, she said rain barrel users can use the water for other purposes, such as washing cars.

Rain barrels often include a spigot to which users can attach a hose. They also often include netting for filtering leaves and mosquito eggs.

For more information about Farragut’s Stormwater Matters program, visit online at townoffarragut.org/stormwatermatters.