Beer Board approves two on-site licenses

Thanks to recent decisions by the town of Farragut Beer Board, Crossfit Farragut may now serve beer after yoga classes and the Kroger Marketplace at Brooklawn may serve 4-ounce samples of beer from local breweries on site.

Mary Ann “Molly” Stiles, store manager of Kroger Marketplace at 189 Brooklawn St. applied for a permit to have a growler station inside of that store. The application is unrelated to Kroger’s recent approval for wine sales, although wine would be located nearby.

The bar would serve beer from local breweries.

“Those beers typically are not pasteurized. They’re a little bit pricey at times, but they’re also made here very locally,” she said. She said customers could try and see if they liked the beers from the different local breweries. The station would serve up to two pints in total, but only within the 12 seat serving area. The Beer Board unanimously approved a Class 2 on site permit for Kroger’s growler area.

Crossfit’s beer yoga classes will feature yoga routines followed by beer drinking.

“Beer and yoga has taken off in many other states,” Shane Poteat, co-owner of Crossfit Farragut, said.

“The example I can give you is probably Echelon [Bicycles]. That’s kind of the setup we’re looking at is just to provide a beer after a long hard, workout,” he said describing the idea behind beer and yoga. The Beer Board voted unanimously to approve a Class 2 on-site permit for the upcoming classes.

Crossfit Farragut’s will hold the classes at their future location, 10803 Kingston Pike, which they have not yet opened.

“The facility that we have right now just does not support the size or the occupancy we would have with the yoga classes,” he said. He said Crossfit Farragut would shut down its current office. He said the relocation and the new classes had “no concrete date yet.”

“We’re looking at probably the middle of May transferring everything from the gym over to that location,” he said. “We were hoping that immediately after we occupied the facility, that on Thursdays is when we would hold the beer yoga. He said Crossfit Farragut would complete the necessary training.

The Beer Board also unanimously approved a new permit for Fresh Market at 11535 Kingston Pike to sell beer. While it already has one, a change in management meant that the Town required them to get a new permit.