police reports

• On April 22, 2016, at 1:08 p.m., Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a vandalism to a business call at Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center at 10925 Kingston Pike in Farragut. The victim, owner of Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center, stated that he witnessed the suspect’s vehicle allegedly drive through the grass, running over the go cart railing and then onto the go cart track. The suspect drove around the track several times. The victim approached the suspect’s vehicle, a 2013 BMW SUV, to investigate and take pictures of the suspect’s vehicle. The victim was taking pictures of the suspect when the suspect tried to leave the go cart track bumping the victim’s leg. The suspect then backed up on the track went to the opposite side of the track, then ran over the railing onto the grass then circling around to exit onto the parking lot. The suspect then exited the business westbound onto Kingston Pike. The picture showed the suspect’s tag and Farragut High School parking pass number. Upon investigation the vehicle was located at Farragut High School. The suspect admitted to leaving Farragut High School and going onto property at 10925 Kingston Pike and driving onto the go cart tracks. The go cart railings were bent and the tires around the track were damaged as a result of the suspect driving over them. Warrants were issued for aggravated assault and vandalism. Estimated loss is $500.

• On April 23 at around 3:53 p.m., a Cross Bridge Circle complainant advised KCSO the suspect was allowed into his home to move items, upon the suspect leaving the complainant realized the items were missing. The complainant advised there could be others items missing but this is all he knows of at this time. The complainant advised the suspect works for the company he is selling his house through and was allowed into the home. The complainant was advised to contact Teleserve if more information arises. Estimated loss is $2,900.

• On April 22 at around 3:51 p.m., a Somersworth Drive complainant advised KCSO he was looking over his Mastercard statement and noticed a transaction that he did not make. He advised the transaction was for a DeWalt drill kit from a store in Texas on March 28. The store advised the complainant the drill was ordered on-line and shipped to him at a Confederate Circle address. He advised he did not order it and that is not his residence. He advised the purchase was for $329.

• On April 26 at around 11:54 a.m., a Sedgefield Road victim stated to KCSO that between 10 p.m., April 25, and 11:54 a.m., April 26, an unknown suspect took the 2016 renewal stickers off of the license plates of his 2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck and his 1995 Ford Explorer while the vehicles were parked at the residence. Value of the loss is $120.

• On April 27 at around 10:40 a.m., an Alpine Road complainant advised KCSO that between noon, April 11, and 10:40 a.m., April 18, an unknown suspect stole her items from inside the hotel room at the Hampton Inn & Suites, 11340 Campbell Lakes Drive, Farragut. Complainant advised the only person she allowed in the room at this time was the cleaning lady. Complainant told the hotel supervisor and they stated she needed to file a police report. Missing were cosmetics, clothing and jewelry valued at $643.

• On April 27 at around 3:09 p.m., a Crowfield Road complainant advised KCSO his phone was taken by two suspects. Complainant advised he went to Walgreens, 10701 Kingston Pike, and when he got home he noticed his phone missing. Complainant advised his friend then explained she accidentally gave it away to someone while at Walgreens, not realizing it belonged to the complainant. Complainant advised his friend stated she was standing outside, noticed a phone on the sidewalk, and starting asking people around her if the phone belonged to any of them. Complainant advised his friend stated suspect No. 1, a 30-35-year-old black male, then walked up to her and claimed the phone as his, then walked back to suspect No. 2, a 35-40-year-old black male. Complainant advised the suspects were working at Walgreens, pressure washing the building. Complainant called back stating his phone was returned to him by the suspect’s boss. Complainant advised the suspect was confronted after ignoring multiple calls and suspect No. 1 admitted to taking the phone. Complainant advised he met the suspect’s boss at Northern Hardware Supply to retrieve his phone and the suspect’s boss stated suspect No. 1 was let go from his employment. Complainant retrieved phone before NCIC entry made. Estimated loss was $549.

• On Thursday, April 28, 2016, at around 12:10 p.m., KCSO responded to JCPenney, 11534 Parkside Drive in regards to a theft. Upon arrival KCSO spoke with the victim who stated that while shopping at JCPenney an unknown white female got her attention while another un-known white female grabbed the victim’s purse out of her shopping cart and exited the store. Estimated loss is $750.