letters to the editor

A letter to Aubrey Burleson

Oh, Randy! How can you abandon your firstborn?

The Farragut store was the basis for your restaurant empire. Remember how hard you worked to open it, when some people said it would never succeed because “Farragut wasn’t ready for that kind of restaurant?” How you collapsed from exhaustion trying to be sure to make it go, trying to be manager, server, waiter busboy and probably even dishwasher?

It’s not just that it’s our neighborhood restaurant, our comfort place. The Farragut Aubrey’s is an institution in this Town because of your support of schools and other organizations — I used to love to read the plaques and certificates that hung on the wall on the way to the rest rooms.

How will we do without our place after 24 years? Is there any way you can change your mind?


Mary Sue Younger