McFee Splash Pad inching closer to completion

Construction work continues on an updated McFee Splash pad, which will give residents and visitors a place to cool off this summer.

“People love to play in water,” Sue Stuhl, Town of Farragut Parks and Leisure Services Director said. “It’s a great way to cool off and have fun.”

“We’re inching closer to it,” she said regarding the Splash Pad’s completion. She said the Town was aiming for early June as a completion time, but weather such as storms might delay work on the project. She said the project was not currently behind schedule.

“Everyone can play in everything,” Stuhl said. However, she said different elements will appeal to different ages.

She said the new Splash Pad’s spray area will be 5747 square feet, five times that of the old spray area. 25 elements will spray out of the ground. 16 above the ground elements will spray down, out, or can be moved by the user. She said a miniature river system called the river journey will especially appeal to small children. It will be operated by pump, and visitors can float toy boats on it.

The total cost to build the new Splash Pad is $530,974.

“The old one was so popular that it wasn’t close to being big enough,” Stuhl said, regarding the previous Splash Pad at McFee Park. It also had mechanical problems.

She said the Splash Pad is more economical than a swimming pool would be because it does not require as much staff.

She said the Splash Pad’s hours will be 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“If there’s no one there it turns off,” she said. It would be turned on by users and remain on as long as people are around.

“That park’s very popular,” she said regarding McFee Park in general. She said Farragut residents and people coming from out of town to visit friends alike will enjoy the Splash Pad. She said some outsiders may come to enjoy the new Splash Pad “Because it’s new and big.”

McFee Park also includes a picnic pavilion and a playground. It is located at 917 McFee Road. The McFee Greenway connects to it.

Updates to the Splash Pad

are just the beginning of changes to the Park. The proposed Capital Investment Plan for fiscal year 2017 includes $300,000 for design and engineering. The plan also includes $3 million in Fiscal Year 2018 for construction.