TDS alerts mobile users

Farragut Android mobile device users now can get an app that alerts them to malware on their devices.

“Worldwide 23 million mobile devices are infected with malicious software known as malware,” Cindy Tomlinson, TDS associate manager of public relations, said. Malware is used to disrupt computer operations, gather critical user data, and display unwanted advertising.

To help combat that threat, Tomlinson said TDS Telecom-munications Corp. has launched Hacker Alert for Android devices, which is located on TDS’s network. It continually analyzes customers’ mobile device web traffic for security threats.

“If Hacker Alert finds something, customers will receive an alert on their mobile device, along with suggested steps for removal,” Tomlinson said.

Casey Thompson, TDS product development manager, said Hacker Alert is available to TDS customers across the country, including its Farragut customers.

“Currently, it can be installed on any Android device,” she said. “First though, customers need to subscribe to TDS Hacker Alert and have TDS high-speed Internet service.”

There are two ways customers can access TDS Hacker Alert. One way is for TDS customers who already have the alert on their home computers and network to go to “Google Play Store” on their Android device, search for the “TDS Hacker Alert” app and install it. There would be no additional fee to install the app, she said.

The other way is customers who have TDS high-speed Internet service but are not subscribing to TDS Hacker alert to call 866-734-0704 and sign up. Customers then can visit “Google Play Store” to install the app. They will pay a $3.95-per-month service fee. They could get reduced service charge by bundling the service with other services, Thompson said.

“Protecting your home network and critical data no longer is about just guarding your

PC,” Thompson said. “Now, criminals can gain access to all your devices, using malware they place on your cell phone. You need multiple layers of security, which Hacker Alert provides.”

Previously, Hacker Alert only was available to protect home networks of TDS customers, but now it is available for Android mobile devices, she said.

For more information, visit, call 866-734-0704 or contact Tomlinson at 608-664-4471 or

TDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Inc. It provides 1.2 million connections to high-speed Internet, phone and TV entertainment services in more than 150 rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities.