FMPC approves investment plan

Goodworks United requested to rezone approximately 21.13 acres north of the Farragut Church of Christ from residential to service zoning in order to build Villages at Farragut, a senior living community.

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission voted to approve the concept plan for the development at their Thursday, May 19 meeting. They discussed but did not vote on the rezoning, which would be necessary in order to build the build the development. Doug Horne, owner of Republic Newspapers including “Farragut Press” is the owner of this land to be rezoned, which is near the “Farragut Press” office.

Gary Keckley, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Devel-opment at Goodworks Unlimited LLC said at the meeting he was committed to closing on the property before the second reading with the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The meeting included other topics as well. The commissioners approved with architectural changes a site plan for the mixed use Farragut Town Center on Campbell Station Road at the old Silver Spoon site and discussed a request to amend the front yard setback requirement. They unanimously approved a request to rezone 16.3 acres of property on Turkey Creek Road with a 35-lot limit. They discussed but did not vote on an application by Steve Dedman to amend General Commercial District Zoning to allow for craft breweries.

Bernie Circle resident Paul Johnson said he approved the plan for Villages at Farragut.

“This is a good example of how planning should take place,” he said. He said he had opposed an earlier proposal to build apartments on the property but supports the current proposal.

“It’s 180 degrees. There is no comparison,” Waverly Court

resident Gary Snyder said regarding the current proposal compared to the earlier apartment proposal.

FMPC discussed issues regarding the rezoning and site plan, including greenway connectors, traffic flow and zoning of nearby properties.

Under the proposed concept plan, Peterson Road, to the

West of Farragut Press’s Office would continue north from its current end.

Farragut resident Harry Moskos said he wanted to make sure none of the remaining acreage would include apartments.

During the same meeting, Paul Schaffer spoke about his plans to build the Farragut Town Center on the former Silver Spoon site.

“They’re running out of patience,” Schaffer said regarding future tenants of the development. It would include one-story brick buildings with the appearance of two stories.

Farragut resident Robin Hill said the development would be difficult for traffic.

“Virtually unworkable,” he said, regarding his view of how to make the development work for traffic flow. Noah Myers proposed using signs to direct the traffic.

Steve Dedman proposed an amendment to General Commercial Zoning. The amendment included definitions for Brewpubs, places like Smoky Mountain Brewery which serve food as well as brewing malt liquors, and craft breweries wineries or distilleries, such as Dedman’s proposed Chisholm Tavern. Craft breweries would not need to serve food. He said his would rely on catering, carry-in or delivery orders.

Commissioners Rose Ann Kile and Noah Myers said they would prefer on site food at Chisholm Tavern. Myers said an existing tavern that did not serve food had problems with carry-in and had later requested food trucks, even though Myers said it was not set up to have them.

“This board right now is not the right venue,” Mayor Ralph McGill said. He proposed talking about the proposal with David Smoak, Town Manager.