Chamber Pocket Guide coming soon

Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce businesses can gain publicity this year with the Chamber Pocket Guide published by farragutpress mid-July.

Bettye Sisco, FWKCC president, announced the new publication at the town of Farragut Economic Development Committee meeting Tuesday, June 1.

“This is something new that we’re doing, and this is really kind of exciting. I’m really thrilled about this,” Sisco said.

She said the pocket guide would be inserted in the

farragutpress, available through the Chamber office and will

be distributed through their FWKCC events. She said it would be in new member packages as well. The project is a fundraiser for FWKCC and its continuing education grant program.

“We find that businesses work together better if they have a relationship with each other, and the relationship means so much more than so many things because they want to help each other grow,” she said.

Farragutpress will publish the pocket guide as a glossy 4.5-inch by 11-inch digest. As an insert

in the newspaper, it will be distributed to 15,000 homes and businesses.

Sisco said the front page would feature a picture of a person presenting their business card. FWKCC will have a drawing to choose that person from the businesses committed by the drawing deadline of June 22.

Sisco said cards would be displayed in categories with five business cards per page.

“It’s a great instrument to help know about businesses … It gives you their e-mails and the contact information that you want ... ” she said.

Sisco said businesses would only spend $75 to put their business cards in the directory.

“It’s a very inexpensive price, and it will allow other members to see who is a member and also be able to get in touch with them,” she said.

For a small additional fee, FWKCC businesses can have links to their websites in the electronic version available on the websites of farragutpress and FWKCC.

The project is a fundraiser for FWKCC and its continuing education grant program.