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• When I saw the picture on the front page of your June 2 edition and read the headline, I thought to myself, “If a sign like that was posted on my property, I’d be upset (and embarrassed) as well!” Any passersby might conclude that there was legal action being taken against ONLY MY property, perhaps pending condemnation or confiscation for criminal mischief, especially given the wording, “Action to be taken by the Town of Farragut related to THIS property”. Upon reading the article, it turned out that the complainant was taking issue with the difficulty in reading it due to the color scheme as well as understanding that it was referring to a pending rezoning effort. The sign wording needs to be more specific that it is a rezoning notice, and not only pertaining to one particular property, as some rezonings include multiple properties. He has a valid complaint, but I’d like to add my concerns to his.

• If the Farragut Business Alliance is so effective, how come they didn’t intercede for Aubrey’s [restaurant] to help them with the parking issues and how did we lose Krispy Kreme?

• I’m commenting on the article about Mike Mitchell and the Farragut Citizens for Responsible Growth and Development about the new sign Farragut is using to notify people of possible zoning changes. While I may not like the light blue letters on the white background, I love the sign itself. It’s seeable, it’s not a tiny, little, almost-impossible-to-see, even to notice sign that was being used. The other thing I like about it is wording. It’s very clear to me. I believe if they changed the colors and put it in red, maybe that would satisfy him. I specifically like the size of the sign.

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