BOMA addresses concerns

In mid-April a water line leaked, damaging Long Ridge Road in Saddle Ridge Subdivision.

“Essentially it kind of floated the asphalt for about 700 feet,” Darryl Smith, Town Engineer, said at the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Thursday, June 9. At that meeting, BOMA approved $40,026.44 in reimbursement for repairs from First Utility District’s Insurance Company.

During the citizens’ forum, Alderman Bob Markli read a letter from R.K. Greenwell in favor of adding billboards.

David Purvis, owner of Farragut Wine and Spirits, spoke about what he said was a potential loss to the Town in tax revenue due to wine being available in stores outside of Farragut

in Loudon and Knox counties. He said some stores outside of Farragut might have a price advantage due to lower taxes.

BOMA approved a FY 2017 fee schedule with fees for alcohol sales, gas taps, solicitation, plumbing, building permits, mechanical permits and public records. It also approved a bud-get for FY 2017 on first reading.

It approved annual contracts of $65,000 for road maintenance, $40,000 for installation of pavement markings, $15,000 for guardrail maintenance and $48,000 for signal maintenance. It approved a $42,300 three-year contract for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and a $26,000 three-year contract for street sweeping.

During a workshop before the meeting, BOMA’s members and David Smoak, town administrator, agreed not to appoint anyone to Board of Zoning Appeals until they could get complete résumés and education backgrounds of the people nominated.

“This is a really important position, and I don’t see anyone here who has real background in this,” Markli said regarding the nominees on the prepared list.

BOMA approved appointments to various other committees. It approved Beverly Ham-mond, Nancy Wentz, Pamela Ziegler, Sandy Garber and Seth Kinsley for Arts Council. It approved Marty Rodgers, Marie Leonard, Barbara Allman, Betty Scott, Holly Janney and T.C. Williams for Beautification Committee. It approved Jack Haines, Dorris Henning, Loretta Bradley, Joyce Moran and Gordon Michaels for Museum Advisory Board. It approved Michael Peters, Tim Hill, Debbie Pinchok, Drew Carson and Valerie DeBoe for Parks and Athletics Council. It approved Robert Voigt and Jeffery Devlin for Personnel Committee. To Plumbing, Gas, Mechanical, it approved BOMA appointed Mark Lower and Ronald Jones to Plumbing, Gas, Mechanical Committee. It appointed Tony Carasso, Carla Werner and LeAnn Trotter to School Liaison Committee. For School Liaison Committee, it approved Tony Carasso, Carla Werner and LeAnn Trotter. For Stormwater Advisory Commi-ttee, it approved Valarie McFall, Marie Meszaros, Kenneth Haw-kins and Jay Lee. For Visual Resources Review Board, it app-roved Brittany Moore, Duane Winkler and Edwin Anderson.