Farragut Primary School presents Reflections awards

Farragut Primary School students won for their artistic talents when the school presented its Reflections: “Let Your Imagination Fly,” art show awards.

The art show, held in the school cafeteria May 10, gave parents an opportunity to see their children’s artistic and literary works on display.

“We have some super-talented kiddos here, Michelle McCarter, PTA Reflections coordinator, said.

Ledger Hull won first place in the National Parent-Teacher Asso-ciation Theme Search for his en-try, “I Look Beyond.” Brooke Squires won first place for her entry, “What is at the End of the Rainbow?”

Statewide, Ankur Gaikwad, FPS first grader, won first place for his safety poster, “Stop, Wait, Play it Safe.”

“This was so exciting to work with him [on his project,]” Sneha Ghule, Ankur’s mother, said. “This was his first competition. He was chosen schoolwide, countywide and at the state level.”

Schoolwide winners of the Reflections program were:

• Film: First place, Carina Plawchan, for “Tour of My Fairy Garden.”

• Literature: First place, Abby Kuhn for “Super Cat and Super Spaghetti;” second, Emma Kuhn for “The Adventures of Roary and Sweetie Pie;” third, Joshua Ker-stetter for “I See Myself;” participant award for Ruhaan Singh for “Fantastic Four.”

• Photography: First and second, Carina for “Shadow of Love” and “Flying Witches,” respectively, and third and participant award to Liam Saffles for “Soaring Arrows” and “The Bow and Arrow,” respectively.

• Visual arts: First, Caitlin Kim for “Princess Caitlin of Castle on the Planet;” second, Bill Wang for “Robot Joe;” third, Amelia Evans for “Up, Up, and Away;” and participant awards went to Alex-andra Summie for “Legen-dary Fish,” Liam for “Imagination Mix Up,” Bill Liang for “My Family and Grandpa,” Joanna Lee for “A Mer-maid World,” Swara Kartik for “My Flying Time Machine,” and Kath-erine Evans for “Witch Way Should I Go?”

• Citizenship essay, “I am proud to be in America because:” First, James Nguyen; second, Ankur; third Ruhaan; and participant, Ava Kincaid.

• Safety poster, “Stop, Wait, Play it Safe”: First, Ankur.

Knox County Council Reflect-ions awards were:

• Film: Third, Carina for “Tour of My Fairy Garden.”

• Literature: Third, Sean for “I See Myself.”

• Photography: First, Liam for “Soaring Arrows,” and honorable mention, Carina for “Shadow of Love.”

• Visual Arts: First, Caitlin for “Princess Caitlin of Castle on the Planet,” third, Amelia for “Up, Up and Away!” and honorable mention to Bill for “Robot Joe.”

FPS winners of Tennessee Par-ent-Teacher Association were:

• Carina, who won an award of merit for “Tour of My Fairy Garden” film and for “Shadow of Love” in the photography category;

• Caitlin, award of excellence for “Princess Caitlin of Castle on the Planet.”