Go Girl Designs launches new bracelet

A local mother-daughter entrepreneur team have partnered with Jana Kramer, country music artist and actress, to launch their first creation, Busy Girl Bangle bracelet.

The bracelet, a fashionable bangle that serves as a hair-tie holder, is the work of Debbie Perry and her daughter, Lindsay Serfass, who started their new business, Go Girl Designs, in Knoxville.

“[Going into business together has] been a little different, but we have thoroughly enjoyed it,” Serfass said.

The bracelet was Serfass’s brainchild, Perry said. Busy Girl Bangle blends hair ties into a bracelet.

As part of the partnership, Kramer will serve as celebrity spokesperson for the bracelet, collaborating with Go Girl Designs for select marketing and social media promotions.

“From the moment I saw this bracelet that also doubles as a hair tie holder I knew I had to have one,” she said. “What I like about the product is that it’s fashionable and practical.”

“Jana represents our brand perfectly,” Serfass said. “Not only is she down to earth, but she’s a mother on the go trying to balance family and her career as a country music singer. She wears our bracelet and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner for Go Girl Designs,”

“Jana connects across generations of women,” Perry said. “She can speak to the busy

mom or the fashion-conscious teenager with her Southern charm and sophistication.”

The idea for the bracelet came from years of Serfass wearing ponytail hair ties on her wrist and seeing other women wear them on their wrists, well, she said. Serfass said she was looking for a more attractive solution to keeping up with hair ties and came up with the bangle bracelet.

“This was just a creative way to have hair ties close by,” Serfass said. “Mom and I have always had a love for accessories and jewelry. We like mixing, matching and layering pieces.

“This is just a different idea that’s not only stylist but functional.”

Go Girl Bangle has two rope chains down the side, which secure the hair ties in the middle. The bracelets come in gold, rose gold and silver.

“Each bracelet comes with three hair ties,” Serfass said. “The rope chains are removable and interchangeable.”

Perry said she and Serfass worked on the bracelets for about a year-and-a-half before they had a finished project.

Working together is not new to Perry and Serfass, as they already were doing so at their “day job,” Employee Benefits consulting firm.

“She was with the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce before she came [to the firm] four years ago,” Perry, who has worked at the firm for 18 years, said.

“We complement each other because we are very much alike in a lot of ways,” Serfass said.

“However, our sense of style and tastes are different, so that gives us a perspective on what styles people are into,” Perry said.

The couple came into contact with Kramer through a friend in the music industry in Utah.

“He orchestrated [the partnership],” Perry said.

Busy Girl Bangles currently are available online at gogirldesign.com and soon will be available in the retail market.