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• I’m call about the upcoming traffic light to be installed on Virtue Road and Kingston Pike. I’m having a hard time understanding why the light is even necessary there to be honest. I moved into that area two months ago and travel Virtue Road and Kingston Pike several times a day at various times and, honestly, I don’t seen hardly enough traffic to justify a light nor have I had any trouble turning left or right either from Virtue Road or Kingston Pike. This is almost like a solution looking for a problem. I’m not sure what’s going on, but maybe the Town should rethink this. This will certainly impede traffic flow on Kingston Pike.

• Some people continue to amaze me. Recently, a person complained about another stoplight on Kingston Pike. Stoplights are erected for a reason. They save lives and control speeds at dangerous intersections. Is a life or lives saved worth an extra 45 seconds to your commute. Think about it.

• What is up with the extra red light at CVS? What is the purpose? There are no intersecting roads. Does anyone know?

Editor’s note: There isn’t an extra light being installed at CVS.