letters to the editor

Thompson bids farewell

Being the leader at Farragut High School has been an honor, and professionally it has been a very rewarding experience. Farragut has the brightest young minds I have ever had the pleasure of supporting.

[Recently] I accepted the position as principal of Byington Solway Career and Technology Center. The vision of Knox County Schools is to ensure we prepare students for success in the work force and postsecondary education through technical skills instruction grounded in real world application. As a teacher, I was a career and technical teacher in business. I have a passion for providing students multiple pathways to career success.

My husband and I have four children, the youngest of which is entering his junior year at Oak Ridge High School and plays football for the Wildcats.

After 31 years of having a child at home involved in school and athletics, we decided as a family to make more time to enjoy these last two years with him.

As principal of Farragut High School, juggling the role of wife, mother and “Commander of the Ship” was often difficult. I am thankful to Dr. [James P.] McIntyre [Jr.] for the opportunity and the privilege to serve as well as the compassion to accommodate my need to spend more time with my family.

I am thankful to the faculty and staff for their deep commitment to excellence. I also am incredibly grateful to the many, many parents who have reached out and made the effort to support and encourage me. These two years have been one of the most professional blessings of my 19-year career.

Thank you, Farragut!

Stephanie Thompson

Former principal, Farragut High School