letters to the editor

Povlin seeks support

I have spent the last several weeks walking all of the neighborhoods in the North Ward talking to voters. I have assisted several residents in resolving minor road issues and provided information regarding more complicated issues to others. These were not extremely glorious efforts but certainly one of the many duties that an alderman should be available to handle.

One of my goals is to start hosting Town Hall meetings where residents can, in a more casual forum, discuss emerging issues and voice concerns about our community.

Another goal is to continue to grow the small business liaison program, which is intended to help attract and assist new businesses interested in establishing a business in Farragut. I would like the build out process for small businesses to be smoother while maintaining the high standards that keep the customers and owners of those businesses safe and secure.

While my experience walking the neighborhoods has been overwhelmingly positive, I have met a few residents who expressed frustration about the funding of the Farragut Business Alliance. If my opinion of the funding of the FBA was based solely on the information provided in the farragutpress, I would be angry, too. If you would like a more in-depth understanding of the overall economic development strategy of the town of Farragut, a Power Point presentation, which was presented to both the Economic Development Committee and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen earlier this year, can be viewed at my website under “Learn about Louise” tab.

I am running for alderman because I love this Town. I believe that protecting the existing residential nature of our community is paramount. I have advocated strongly for this when necessary. I am well versed on our budget and our challenges and I am fiscally conservative. If you would like an active, engaged and informed representative who works for you and the continued positive growth of Farragut, then please vote for me.

Louise Povlin

Alderman Ward 1

LaMarche pro-Williams

Even though Ron Williams is running unopposed for alderman on [the south side], I am writing to ask you to show your support by voting for him. Early voting starts Friday, July 15, at the Farragut Town Hall. Ron is a man of integrity and I feel very pleased in leaving my position to him. You have “followed the Dot,” now follow Ron Williams!

Dot LaMarche