Concord Christian High could end up in Loudon County

Looking to keep up with a growing enrollment and build a high school separate from its current kindergarten-through-12-grade facilities, Concord Christian School may build it in Loudon County.

The proposed site, about 17 acres, is near the corner of State Route 1 Highway 70 and Wilker-son Lane about four miles west of the CCS K-12 campus, which is along Kingston Pike in Farragut. Wilkerson Lane becomes Old Stage Road, which crosses U.S. Highway 11 heading east before going into Farragut.

“Roger Jones, director of planning for Concord Christian School, was present to discuss the proposal to build a private high school on Highway 70E,” stated the minutes from Loudon County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting Tuesday, June 21.

The BZA “approved the use of the property as a school,” Laura Smith, Loudon County Planning director, said in a phone interview Friday, July 15.

“Mr. Jones stated that [Lenoir City Utilities Board] has approved utilities for the proposed school. The school would be a high school only for a maximum of 400-500 students,” the BZA minutes stated. “[Jones] stated that more than 25 percent of Concord Christian School students are from Loudon County. He stated that they are outgrowing the existing school. … They will have tennis courts, a track, walking trails and downward shining lights.

“Proposed completion is estimated at one to two years,” the minutes further stated. “They are having a capital campaign to obtain funding.

“… [Jones] also stated they want to fit into the community.”

Should CCS continue pursuing the 17-acre site, “They would have to submit a site plan. They would submit it to the Planning office,” Smith said. “I would review it. … If that is approved they would have to get the building permit.”

The school received an exemption from BZA, though the property remains zoned residential district (R-1). “In Loudon County Zoning Resolution under R-1, educational institutions are permitted use of the special exception,” Smith said.

Two audience members spoke on record. “Mr. Hawk stated that he lives at the top of the hill [near the site] and is concerned with increased traffic,” the minutes stated. “… He is also concerned with potential increase in accidents. ... Mr. Hawk also stated that he taught at Farragut High School and suggested that the [Tennessee Department of Transportation] do a study.

“Mr. Jones stated that they would have entrances off Highway 70 on Wilkerson Lane and that TDOT has already been contacted … [and] that there would be a traffic study done,” the minutes further stated.

“We were contacted by CCS with regards to a potential school location. Our Traffic Office reviewed the preliminary site location for Concord Christian School on State Route 1 Highway 70 in Loudon County. Based on our review at this time, an entrance could be approved for this location,” Mark Nagi, Community Relations officer for TDOT Region I office, said.

“An access on Wilkerson Road would not require a TDOT Highway Entrance Permit. However, any improvements to the intersection would need to be permitted through our traffic office,” Nagi added.

BZA minutes also included “Robert Patterson on N[orth]. Wilkerson Lane [who] stated that he was required to put in a deceleration and acceleration lane when he developed his subdivision. He stated that he didn’t oppose the school but had traffic concerns.”

Repeated attempts to secure an interview with Jones were unsuccessful.