FMPC recommends amending CLUP for assisted living facility

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission unanimously recommended amending Comprehen-sive Land Use Plan for the rezoning of a parcel of land north of Farragut Church of Christ, from Medium Density Residential to Civic/Institutional, subject to its rezoning.

The meeting took place Thursday, June 16. Committee member Betty Dick was not present.

Doug Horne, owner of Republic Newspapers, Inc., parent company of farragutpress, is owner of the land to be rezoned. It is adjacent to farragutpress office at 11863 Kingston Pike.

Goodworks LLC, represented by Gary Keckley, director of development, applied for the change. The company plans to build an assisted living facility, Villages of Farragut, on the site.

“I think this is a show of good faith to the local neighbors,” Michael Wilson, Burney Circle resident, said regarding the company requesting the change to CLUP. He said local residents suggested changing the CLUP at a workshop.

Alderman Louise Povlin moved to approve the amendmendment before the unanimous vote.

FMPC also voted to recommend rezoning the parcel of land and other areas to the south of the property, Mark Shipley, Community Development director, stated in a written report.

Peterson Road would bisect these properties.

“This will result in new lots, that without some zoning modification, could be rendered undevelopable,” Shipley said.

Under the proposal, the southernmost portion of land bisected by Peterson Road would be rezoned from Office to General Commercial. Going north, the Town would rezone land currently zoned General Commercial, Buffer and Single-Family Residential as Office.

FMPC also recommended three measures that would provide more ability for buildings to be closer to public streets in General Commercial, Regional Commercial and Office districts. Myers Brothers Holdings re-quested the measures. Noah Myers abstained. He said it was because he had instigated the measures.

FMPC passed another amendment, which would change the minimum width of parking areas from 5 to 7 1/2 feet from the back of one curb to the other. Current requirements state all parking lot islands must have 6-inch curbs. The proposal would allow alternate means of preventing vehicle access with parking lot islands that accommodate stormwater.