Fifth District Dems ‘sign’ on

Fifth District Democrats discussed various campaign tactics at its meeting Thursday, July 21.

During the Democrats’ meeting, campaign manager Jennifer Ridgeway talked about putting up political signs. “Just to put up political signs along Kingston Pike has been challenging, but that’s just what it is,” she said.

In reference to town of Farragut, “They have their rules for a reason,” she said.

Linda Lawson, Fifth District county representative for Knox County Democratic Party, said, “The town of Farragut won’t allow you to put [signs] on city property ... but that’s not true in the county,” she said.

Ridgeway said she had moved a sign at Lovell Road and Kingston Pike off of Town limits and put it in a different location.

While Ridgeway said signs were allowed in private yards within the Town, she added that even though Kingston Pike is a state highway, the Town would still take down political signs placed there.

Lawson said many business owners did not like having political signs in front of their establishments, although she listed some ex-ceptions.

Lawson shared early voting statistics.

“As you might guess, Re-publicans are leading us two-to-one,” she said.

In Knox County, 2,700 voted in the Republican Primary and 1,155 in the Democratic Primary. Farragut’s total was 753.

Fifth District Democrats also discussed the new polling locations open for the upcoming election.

“I think mostly [the new locations were created] due to the extremely long lines that we had last time around,” Lawson said.

She had lists of early voting and Election Day locations, which she gave out to the people present.

“If you’re voting on Election Day, which I don’t recommend, you will probably be going to a different location than where you went the last time around,” she said.