Town offers free clean-up rentals

The town of Farragut now offers free rental of cleanup equipment, including vests, pickers and trash bags, for neighborhood cleanup days.

“Obviously, we want to try and beautify our Town, and we want to help our homeowners and people interested in getting out in the community and beautifying the area, to give them all the tools they need to make that happen. So I think that’s a great thing we can do and hopefully we get a lot of people taking advantage of it,” David Smoak, Town Admin-istrator, said.

“Farragut staff and citizens take pride in living in a beautiful, well-kept community, and this is just another way to encourage and promote the continued beautification of the Town,” Chelsey Riemann, Town Public Relations coordinator, said.

Riemann said any adult from a Farragut neighborhood could call to set up an equipment pickup at Town Hall.

“We hope homeowners associations or a group of parents and their kids will schedule a cleanup day and call us to reserve this free equipment. This is an easy way for citizens to volunteer in Farragut and enjoy time working together to keep their neighborhood beautiful,” she said.

A press release from Tuesday, June 21, said neighborhood representatives could call Farragut Parks & Leisure Services at 865-966-7057 to reserve the equipment 72 hours before the scheduled cleanup event. The Town requires volunteers to return the equipment within two days. Neigh-borhoods will be responsible for disposing used trash bags.

Farragut also has Adopt a Mile, Adopt a Greenway and Adopt a Stream programs.

Riemann said the Town also provides equipment for these programs.

With Adopt a Mile, volunteers 11-years-old and older from businesses, civic clubs, churches, neighborhood associations, scouts, school groups, families and other organizations adopt one mile of a Farragut road and clean at least quarterly. Riemann said the Town would place a sign acknowledging the group.

Adopt a Greenway Program is similar, with groups adopting sections of greenway and cleaning them at least quarterly.

For more information visit or call 865-966-7057.