Ode to Mary Lou


Come Listen my friends to a tale I once heard, ‘bout a lady named Koepp, who came to work for Farra git/

It was rumored her first job was tending a still, but her dream was to teach at the school on the hill/

She was told she must first go to college, that's where they learned ya all sorts of knowledge/

She got her degree and started a teaching, Her fame was widespread, through the hill it was reaching/

Several years had now past when they noticed the "BEAST," Its fingers fast annexing, out of the East/

Well, them folks got to fretting about the big city sound, so they's got to thinking

they should start their own Town/

A town that would put the big city to shame. A town that would earn its own right to fame/

So a new town was borne, it was known as Farra git and the first person to work there was Mary Lou Koepp/

She kept all the books, answered phones and typed letters, it was known far and wide, no one could do it better/

She put the Town on the map,

winning many awards. She always worked hard with narely a nap/

She worked for many years, then retired to travel. Would the Town survive, or would it unravel?/

What would the Town do without Mary Lou Koepp who will always be known as Lady Farra git