Farragut Town Hall hosts middle school art show

Students attending middle schools in Farragut had an opportunity to see what it was like to have their art works displayed in a juried art show.

Farragut Arts Council and town of Farragut hosted the 2016 Farragut Middle Schools Art Show in Farragut Town Hall. During a reception, families got a last look at the works and enjoyed refreshments before Pam Ziegler, Arts Council chairwoman, announced the winning artists.

The winners were first place, Jennifer Ross, FMS eighth-grade student of Gwen Johnson; second place, Conner Evans, FMS seventh-grade student of Johnson; third place, Wilson Hall, FMS sixth-grade student of Angela McCarter. Honorable mention winners were Yasha Doddabele, FMS seventh-grade student of Johnson, Morgan Pribbish, FMS seventh-grade student of Johnson; Lauren Favier; eighth-grade student of McCarter; and Scott Timm, a SJN seventh-grade student of Jane Nickels.

“It’s pretty cool because it’s not something that happens every day that we get this experience,” Ellie Gorfido, a FMS sixth grader, said about the show and reception.

“It’s pretty neat to know my daughter has artistic ability,” Joe Gorfido, Ellie’s father, said.

“I feel accomplished,” Defrie Ekicki, FMS seventh grader, said. “I feel proud. I feel like noticed that my teacher was able to pick me out of the group of people who did projects.”

“It’s fantastic,” Jessica Sher-idan, who came to see the works of daughter Ashlyn Sheri-dan, a FMS sixth grader. “We were thrilled to find out she has a piece they are displaying. It’s very neat for these kids to see their artwork displayed outside of school.”

“It’s really exciting,” Ashlyn Sheridan said. “This is the first time I’ve ever had my work out on display.”

“We appreciate the Town supporting us every year,” McCarter said. It’s a great chance for kids to get their art work out in the community.”

While the crowd looked at the artworks, FMS string ensemble, led by Debra Patterson, orchestra teacher, entertained the crowd.

The string ensemble is made up of seventh- and eighth-grade students.