‘Proposed ‘front porch roof’ ordinance passes 1st reading

A unanimous decision about porches by Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen brought an anonymous individual one step closer to moving into a new home.

A so-called front porch roof ordinance states covered porch overhangs may extend up to 10 feet from streets, which would bring the individual’s sought-after house into compliance.

Alderman Bob Markli made the motion and Alderman Louise Povlin seconded it Thursday, July 28. The proposed ordinance would not go into effect until after a second reading Thursday, Aug. 11.

However, Markli said after the meeting that medical issues were involved concerning the allowance of a certificate of occupancy for the individual — after a discussion with Town attorney Tom Hale — prior to a second reading.

David Smoak, Town administrator, said the Town would issue a certificate of occupancy after sitting down with the individual and figuring out any other outstanding issues.

“If there are none, then hopefully we can get them in their house as soon as we can,” Smoak said.

“I was impressed by the unity of the neighborhood in supporting this individual,” Marki said, adding he received many phone calls about the issue — none against the changes. “Everyone was passionately in favor of it.”

Markli said the porch roof encroachment issue was not picked up on initial inspections.

In other business, BOMA:

• unanimously approved a change order to a contract concerning areas where APAC Atlantic will be resurfacing. Locations approved were overflow parking at McFee Park, a Public Works parking lot at Fretz Road, Applegate Lane in Ramsgate Subdivision, Boyd Station Road railroad underpass and Dublin Lane in Kingsgate subdivision. The change order added $93,000 to the original $466,476.25 contract.

• unanimously approved on second reading a series of ordinances about front yard setbacks and one providing an opportunity to allow stormwater to drain into parking lot islands.

• unanimously passed two ordinances on second reading allowing for larger menu board signs in Mixed Use Town Center Zoning District and elsewhere.

• unanimously passed an ordinance to allow for additional wall signs in the Mixed Use Town Center zoning district.

• unanimously appointed Jennifer Collins and Scott Meyer to Board of Zoning Appeals.

At a workshop before the meeting, both new members were supported by all but one BOMA member: Markli chose Robert Voight instead of Collins.