ETHC moves to new location

East Tennessee Heart Consul-tants staff joined Tennova Healthcare officials in celebrating ETHC’s move to its new


ETHS held an open house and ribbon cutting at its new offices at 1080 Parkside Drive, next to Tennova Healthcare’s Turkey Creek Medical Center, Farragut, Thursday, July 28.

“We’re so very excited about all the space, and it’s in line with [ETHC’s] practice,” Ben Youree, Tennova Healthcare CEO, said.

“We’re very proud of our space,” Bert A. Mosely, ETHC administrator, said. “We consolidated from three separate offices to one much larger,

state-of-the-art, well-appointed space.”

“We are thrilled,” Dr. Malcolm Foster, ETHC physician, said. “It’s spacious, new and modern. Our patients are giving us good reviews.”

“I love the new space,” Dr. Mukesh Sharma said. “It’s convenient for the patients and I love coming to work.”

“We’re very proud of it,” Dr. Steve Reed said. “The working conditions are pretty nice. We have computers in every room, and the staff moves around effortlessly.”

“We had recognized for some time that we had outgrown our former space,” Mosely said. “It was no longer efficient, but most importantly, we wanted to provide a space that was comfortable for our patients.”

He said at ETHC’s previous offices, some of the patients

had to go from one office to another.

“By consolidating the spaces into one, they just had one door to go through,” he said. Now, they have access to all the physicians, and the space is much larger, brighter and better equipped.

ETHC was founded more than 20 years ago and is part of the Tennova Healthcare System, which also is part of Community Health Systems brand, which is based in Franklin.

Mosely said ETHC is a cardiology practice that provides every cardiology service short of heart transplants and open-heart surgery. The new location features a state-of-the-heart pacemaker clinic, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and 24 patient exam rooms.

For the patient, the space is more comfortable and they have easier access to physicians, he said.

“Having a larger space allows us to be more efficient, which allows us to see more patients,” Mosely said.

“It is right next to the hospital, so it is convenient,” he said.

Among ETHC’s staff of 35, it has six physicians, two nurse practitioners and one physician’s assistant.