Coker becomes FMPC’s first non-voting youth member

Jack Coker, 17, became Farra-gut Municipal Planning Commis-sion’s first non-voting youth member, Thursday, July 21.

“I really feel it’s an amazing opportunity for the youth of the community to be involved in government in this way, so they can get more perspective about what goes on behind the scenes, so that they don’t think it just happens naturally,” he said.

During the meeting, Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill said other municipalities had young people in similar po-sitions.

“It gives them an exposure,” he said.

Coker is a home-schooled junior.

“It’s such an amazing opportunity to be able to sit on the board and gain from all of the previous generations’ knowledge and wisdom to apply that forward as the Town progresses,” Coker said.

Alderman Louise Povlin made the motion to appoint him as a non-voting member. Noah Meyers seconded it. FMPC approved Coker’s nomination unanimously.

FMPC’s other officers stayed the same this year as last year. Ed Whiting nominated Rita Holladay chairman and Ed St. Clair vice chairman. FMPC elected both unanimously. Noah Myers nominated Whiting secretary, and FMPC elected him unanimously.

“It feels good … I guess what I bring is experience and perspective over time,” St. Clair said about being vice chairman. He said he had served on FMPC for many years and had previously served as chair and secretary.

“I enjoy doing it, and like I have said before, being on the planning commission is an important thing. I think … the citizens need representation, and we all try to do that,” Holladay said. “We all get comments from residents and it helps to bring it all together.”

Whiting said about serving as secretary, “It’s very interesting. No one can get a plat filed unless I sign it. … It gives me an opportunity to make sure the things we have said that we need to do get done,” he said.

FMPC also approved bylaws governing the Commission’s operations and roles of officers. No modifications were made.