police reports

• On July 12 at around 4:46 p.m., a Hughlan Drive complainant advised Knox County Sheriff’s Office that between 2 and 4:46 p.m., July 12, an unknown person took the listed Huffy bicycle that was leaned up against his house. Estimated loss is $100.

• On July 14 at around 10:38 a.m., a Oran Road complainant advised on July 11 when she opened her safety deposit box, which was inside the vault at Regions Bank, 11513 Kingston Pike, Farragut, she found an unknown suspect had stolen coins and certificates — two sets of Ben Franklin coins and silver and gold certificates — and left a $50 bill in the box. She stated both her and the bank have to have their keys to open the box and is uncertain as to how the box was entered as the key is in her possession. Estimated loss is $1,500.

• On July 1 at around 5 p.m., a Marina View Way complainant, who is a court-appointed conservator for the victim, stated to KCSO within the past two months a Rolex watch, a diamond tennis bracelet, hoop earrings and a gold and jade ring were taken from the victim. She said the victim has dementia and resides at Clarity Pointe Assisted Living off Concord Road in Farragut. She stated in questioning the victim over the past two months regarding the jewelry the victim said she gave it to someone for safe keeping. The complainant advised the only people who had seen the victim were the brother of the victim and his wife. According to the complainant she has had to file for court orders in the past against the brother for taking the victim’s property. She said the suspects know the mental condition of the victim and have taken advantage of her. The complainant advised they know they are not allowed to take anything from the victim. The complainant stated as conservator she is the only one who can make decisions regarding the victim’s property. Estimated loss is $9,575.

• On July 15 at around 1:59 p.m., an Obregon Painting complainant stated to KCSO that between 6 p.m., July 10, and 6 a.m., July 11, person(s) unknown cut metal bars on the back of the trailers parked at the company’s office at 10857 Kingston Pike to gain entry. She said several ladders, a generator, vacuums, Rigid electrical tools and other items were stolen out of the three trailers. According to the complainant the suspect(s) also stole a 5-foot by 10-foot utility trailer to haul the items taken. The complainant will call back if she can locate the information on the other two enclosed trailers that were burglarized and the utility trailer that was stolen. Estima-ted loss was $8,590.

• On July 17, 2016 at around 10:26 a.m., KCSO was dispatched to Lost Tree Lane for a burglary in progress. Upon arrival the complainant stated to KCSO that an unknown person kicked his front door open. When the complainant went to investigate the noise he saw a white male with brown hair and a striped shirt leaving his residence. KCSO X-Ray 11 came and processed the scene. Estimated loss is $300.

• On July 17, 2016, at around 5:07 p.m., KCSO responded to Best Buy, 11491 Parkside Drive, Farragut for a shoplifting call. Upon investigation, the complainant, who is a loss prevention employee at Best Buy, stated that he caught the arrestee, a 32-year-old white male, with the listed Playstation 4 games concealed in his clothing in an attempt to steal the games from the store without paying for them. The complainant stated that the arrestee had three more games in his hand, but did not have an opportunity to conceal those games. The arrestee was taken into custody without further incident. This occurred in Farragut. Estimated loss is $239.96.

• On July 18 at around 3:45 p.m., a Homestead Court victim stated to KCSO that at around 2 a.m., this morning, while at Cotton Eyed Joe’s, 11220 Outlet Drive, Farragut person(s) un-known stole the tailgate off his truck, a white 2011 Ford F250. According to the victim the tailgate has a built-in backup camera. Estimated loss is about $2,500.