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• To all the uninformed complainers about the FBA and other economic development efforts funded by the town of Farragut out there, do your homework before spouting off. Broad-based statements like, “it’s the FBA’s fault that we didn’t keep Aubrey’s and Krispy Kreme” are ludicrous. A simple Google search or even a review of the FBA’s most recent minutes — readily available on their [sic] website — reveals the following: Aubrey’s has been trying to sell its Farragut location for over 10 years … and Krispy Kreme closed over 180 stores when it closed its Farragut location, as it realigned assets to the northeast in order to sell a month later for over $1billion. I don’t know about you, but common sense tells me that the FBA was not in a position to talk Krispy Kreme out of a $1billion deal! A little due diligence before ruining peoples’ professional reputations and taking down organizations you know nothing about would go a long way. [Redacted] … Keep it up, and you’ll be enjoying a new Property Tax this time next year!

• The [Farragut] Board of Mayor and Aldermen promised when they recently gave the new $70,000 grant to the Farragut Business Alliance that this grant could be terminated at any time. Now is that time. For the executive director to quit her job while planning for the October Farragut Food and Wine Festival is happening is inexcusable. Forty thousand dollars of the $70,000 FBA grant was to go to the executive director for her to work [part time] for the FBA. That is what has upset Town residents. It is simply too much pay for someone who hasn’t delivered. Like others, I am very upset that our Town went to this new nonsense motto and awful graphic. Changing the Town’s signs was disrespectful to the residents. I don’t of a single person who approves of this so-called new branding. It takes us away from the Town’s heritage. This new graphic has nothing to do with Farragut High School and nothing to do with Adm. [James] David [Glasgow] Farragut for who the high school and the Town were named. Our old graphic tied directly to the high school and Adm. Farragut. It was paid for and the people revered it. I want the Town to stop granting money to the FBA and return our signs and drop this awful “Live closer. Go further.” motto.

Editor’s Note: The executive director’s contracted labor amount is not directly tied to the Town’s granting of the $70,000. The $70,000 was only part of a much larger budget. Of the $70,000, $30,000 is budgeted to expand the Shop Farragut campaign (Originally, Buy In Farragut as started by the Town); Seven thousand dollars is budgeted for Light the Park — a Town-desired, family-oriented event; Five thousand dollars is budgeted for Art In The Park — a town-desired, family-oriented event and $17,500 is budgeted for Farragut Food and Wine Festival — again a community event.