Oaths, $39k, ‘noise’ highlight BOMA

Town of Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted on many topics, including whether or not to spend more than $39,000 for improvements to Everett Road, and heard a noise complaint during its meeting Thursday, Aug. 25.

During Citizens’ Forum, Fretz Road resident Doug Kimzey asked about ways to address what he said was the problem of vehicular noise. Kimzey said he had set up decibel monitors and video cameras along Fretz and Grigsby Chapel roads with permission of property owners.

“Just to give you an indication, this year alone, I’ve found 60 instances of vehicles that are easily admitting well over 100 decibels as they go down the road,” he said.

He said potential issues that might prevent people from seeking legal action for vehicular noise complaints included cost of enforcement and difficulty of establishing probable cause.

Kimzey said he wanted a single point of contact with the Town to explore possible solutions to the problem. David Smoak, Town administrator, volunteered.

Aldermen Louise Povlin and Ron Williams took the oath of office before the meeting.

Mayor Ralph McGill nominated Alderman Ron Pinchok vice mayor. The Board appointed Pinchok unanimously.

Board voted unanimously to approve a change order for Everett Road improvements, add-ing $39,885.45 in expenses for a total contract amount of $3,396,728.46. Contractor is Mc-Kinnon Construction Company, LLC.

“One of the major additions includes the extension of sidewalk from St. Andrews Drive to Union Road, completing a pedestrian tie from this project to the existing sidewalk on Kingston Pike,” Darryl Smith, Town engineer, said.

That addition would be 730 linear feet and account for $13,140 of the additional expense.

Other portions of the additional expense includes $28,653.35 for removal and replacement of a section of AT&T’s chain-link fence on the site, $7,565 for four Americans with Disabilities Act compliant concrete curb ramps, $2,225.60 for removal of an obsolete storm water drainage pipe, $2,835 for construction layout and $2,451 for a concrete driveway apron between St. Andrews Drive and Union Road.

McKinnon Construction also asked for $5,000 for flagging operations and temporary lane closures plus $3,517.50 for mobilization including paving, signage and pavement markers.

It attributed this request to early opening of a portion of Everett Road.

to through traffic before the project’s completion.

Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill appointed former Vice Mayor Dot LaMarche to Community Health Council.

“This is a council of people in the county interested in the well-being of the county’s people,” he said.

“I appoint Dot LaMarche who has great experience in being in nursing,” he said.

BOMA approved purchase of a new 2017 dump truck to replace the Town’s previous 2006 one.

Bud McKelvey, town of Farragut Public Works director, stated in a written report the dump truck was due for replacement and had maintenance issues. He said during the meeting the Town used it for salt spraying and snow removal.

“It’s a harsh environment,” he said, referring to the winter conditions in which the Town used the truck.

The low bidder was Landmark Trucks, LLC with a 2017 International 7300SFA Dump Truck for $96,110. The Town’s budget for the dump truck replacement was $l19,000, leading the Town to have $22,890 left.

BOMA also unanimously voted to approve purchase of a 2017 John Deere 997 two-wheel drive mower from Farragut Lawn and Tractor for $15,800. It will replace the Town’s current John Deere 997 mower. The Town will have $7,090 remaining from the budgeted amount. Alderman Louise Povlin made the motion and Vice Mayor Ron Pinchok seconded it.

McGill reappointed Ed Whiting, Ed St. Claire and Rita Holladay to Farragut Municipal Planning Commission. He appointed Drew Carson to take the place of outgoing FMPC member Annette Brun.

BOMA unanimously voted to reinstate Kathy Pierre to town of Farragut Beautification Committee. Town of Farragut removed Pierre from the committee in Fiscal Year 2016 due to three absences for health reasons. Alderman Bob Markli made the motion and Alderman Ron Williams seconded it.