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• In response to the press talk about the FBA Director leaving in the midst of the fall festival, I wish to ask — if you had an opportunity to earn more money and a chance for advancement in a career you love, would you take it? If you had the opportunity to do this instead of working at a job with constant tension and just plain hateful criticism daily, would you take it? Sure, the timing is not perfect, but she did what is best for her and her family. Would you not have done the same thing? I am a volunteer that has worked with her for several years at all the town events, which she has tirelessly managed and she should have quit a long time ago. To put up with the angry, nasty comments coming from so many citizens of Farragut like she has done, she should be awarded a medal, not AGAIN criticized. She is damned if she does and damned if she does not; just like she has been since the day she took the job. (which by the way was to be a part time job, but which she worked more than 50 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, which averages $15.00 an hour, just to be abused by people who do not know what they are talking about) You have no right to say a word about her leaving until you have walked a mile in her shoes. Would you do it for $40k a year? Heck, no! Quick question. You say she has not delivered, but have you acknowledged what she has done? You criticize the FBA but have you given any of your personal time (and often money) to this town? Have you volunteered for any of the functions, which SURPRISE does not happen without a lot of work and personal time by the FBA and volunteers? Did you attend any of the FBA meetings to voice your disapproval on the town signs or branding? Did you attend any meetings to see what the volunteers, director and FBA board discusses and goes through? If you answered no to any of these questions then you have no right to criticize anyone. Personally I am not fond of the branding myself, but I do not feel I have a right to complain since I did not involve myself in the process, and neither do you. Get off your high horse and get involved, then you will have a right to complain.

• In response to [an FMPC member] who says on page 5A, farragutpress, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016, “ Elderly people don’t spend too much … I don’t want a town of elderly people,” she said. Unbelievable statement by someone on a committee with town of Farragut. She might as well have said, “I don’t want African-Americans, I don’t want Jews, I don’t want Hispanics.” This kind of behavior is totally inappropriate. She should be removed and/or resign from the committee.

• There is a saying a popular daytime talk show host uses to describe the media at its worst. The phrase is “drive-by media.” Essentially, it is when the media swoops in at an event and spreads misinformation, stirs up emotion and when the real facts emerge, they are gone. Presstalk seems to be suffering from “drive-by” anonymous callers. They read an article in the paper, mistakenly believe themselves to be well informed and spew out misinformation and trash the reputation of individuals they didn’t even bother to speak to or ask any questions of. The comments regarding the [Farragut Business Alliance executive director] in last week’s paper are the most current example. [The FBA executive director] went above and beyond before she left to make sure the [Farragut] Food and Wine Festival was set up for someone else to move in and take over as seamlessly as possible.