Village Green celebrates 50 years

Arrows flew at an archery demonstration and tennis balls flew at a tennis demonstration as Village Green residents celebrated the community’s 50th anniversary Sunday, Aug. 28.

“In those days if you heard a car going down Campbell Station, you called the police,” Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill said, referring to the time when he lived in Village Green.

“If there had not been a Village Green, there would not be a town of Farragut,” he said. The principal people who brought the Town into being lived in Village Green.

“To us it brings back memories,” McGill’s wife, Marianne, said.

“People stay a while when they come here,” Dan Kacevic, second-generation Village Green resident, said.

“It’s just a wonderful place to live and raise a family,” Tom Perry, a resident for 23 1/2 years said. “It’s a very family oriented neighborhood.”

His wife, Kathy, said the neighborhood was convenient due to the nearby shopping, library and churches.

“I love the sense of community. It’s a wonderful place to raise children,” Wendy Landis, who has lived in the neighborhood for eight years, said.

Pamela Gwinn, said her husband was a child when the neighborhood was built.

“He was impressed. He thought it was the greatest place to live, and now he does,” she said.

“I think we chose wisely 25 years ago,” Mark Baker, a 25-year resident of Village Green who was present at the celebration with his wife, Gay, said.

“Farragut’s grown up,” Baker said.

“But as far as Village Green’s concerned, we love that it’s still a family-friendly neighborhood,” Gay said.

Joanne Wingard said her family expanded the back of its house rather than move.

Jeff Wingard, who handles yearly assessments for Village Green Homeowners Association, has lived there for 25 years. He said he liked the neighborhood for the diversity of the residents’ ages and its convenience.

“We’ve seen the neighborhood have a lot more younger families than when we moved in. Other than that, I don’t think it’s changed a lot,” he said.

“We need to preserve the amenities we have,” Wingard said. One particular amenity he supported continuing was the subdivision’s swim team.

“[It’s] a great opportunity for kids, and a great opportunity for the neighborhood to come together,” he said.

Wingard also wanted to preserve Farragut as a place for single-family homes in general.

“I love the neighborhood. Lots of good people. Lots of kids to make friends with,” Aaron Peeples said.

Rich Cataldi, a 23-year resident, said he was formerly president and vice president of Village Green HOA but now is in charge of pool maintenance.

“The place is regrowing,” Catal-di said. Younger people had re-turned to the neighborhood over the past five years.

“We’re seeing it become a younger population again,” he said.