New identity for Webb School

KNOXVILLE — Webb School of Knoxville has a new identity.

The school launched a new brand Sunday, Oct. 9, that focuses on clarifying the school’s distinctive identity and better communicating its story to an expanding audience.

“Our new branding now provides us with one voice and one message to tell the Webb School story in a compelling and distinctive way,” Michael McBrien, Webb School president, said.

Webb School of Knoxville, a private co-educational day school at 9800 Webb School Drive, Knoxville, was founded by Robert Webb in 1955.

“When you read about or heard about Webb, it was “‘Webb’ School of Knoxville,” McBrien said. Now it reads “Webb School of Knoxville: Count on it.”

When he first took on his role as president last year, McBrien spent about five months listening to alums, parents and teachers and students.

“I kept hearing all these great stories about Webb School and how it impacted kids, alums around the world now and even kindergartners,” he said.

Reading “Webb” School of Knoxville did not encapsulate what was really on at the school, McBrien said.

“Every member of our school community knows that Webb is an extraordinary place; however, it can be hard to express that feeling to people who have yet

to set foot on our campus,” he said.

So, the school partnered with the marketing firm, Mindpower, to help develop its new identity. Research included numerous surveys and focus groups, which involved hundreds of Spartan parents, students, alumni, faculty and staff.

“From these conversations, our research found our brand, much like a person, is made up of key attributes, like experiential learning, teamwork, honor, community, leadership, character, integrity, service, a tailored approach to learning, and global awareness,” McBrien said.

“All of this distills down to the idea that at Webb School, everything counts.

“Every relationship counts, every teachable moment counts, every person counts,” he said. “That is our brand promise. Webb School of Knoxville: Count on it.”

McBrien said the new brand is not a re-invention of Webb School but a fresh, forward-looking expression of the school’s foundational values.

“[It] boldly represents who we are, what we do and why it matters,” he said.

The school’s new branding identity also incorporates a revised logo, which is an extension of the new brand.

“It’s a more contemporary evolution of our previous logo that reflects our desire to stay true to our roots but also conveys a new sense of confidence and pride as a school,” McBrien said.

While the new branding will be used in Webb School’s marketing and communications materials, he said it is more than just a slogan.

“Our brand identity goes to the heart of what we know and feel is special about Webb, that you can count on Webb School to connect you for life,” he said. “And, we hope this new shared language will inspire and guide all members of our community in its conversations about the Webb School of Knoxville experience.”