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• Very tired of the politicians at Farragut Town Hall continuing to moan about the loss of “revenue” from the phase-out of the Hall Income Tax. At the same time Board of Mayor and Aldermen have no problem spending $29,000 for shrubs at the Campbell Station I-40/75 exit ramps. Oh well ... I am sure the town of Farragut politicians can find some new taxes (oops, excuse me – “revenue sources”) to support their spending habits. By the way, will town of Farragut pay for the on-going yearly cost of trimming, mulching, fertilizing, weeding the new shrubs at the Campbell Station exit ramps? If these new shrubs get the same white-glove upkeep regimen as the shrubs on the Grigsby Chapel [Road] calming islands then the initial $29K cost will be peanuts compared to the on-going life-cycle cost of the new shrubs. Keep on spending BOMA.

• Such a sad sight to see one of the few remaining greenspaces along Kingston Pike, this one at the corner of Admiral Road, being stripped of trees and leveled, for what? Please tell me it’s not for another strip shopping center that will likely remain half empty like so many others in Farragut. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen really needs to tighten up its controls so that the focus is on filling existing empty commercial spaces before any new strip shopping center space is approved.