Campbell Station W&S owners open second liquor store

Campbell Station Wine & Spirits owners have bought a second store, Northshore Wine & Spirits.

Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting at the new store at 9435 S. Northshore Drive, next to CVS Pharmacy, Knoxville.

“It’s a beautiful new space, not a new store but a new location,” Julie Blaylock, FWKCC administrative assistant, said during a ribbon cutting for Northshore Wine & Spirits Tuesday, Nov. 15.

“We have been at this location for two weeks. It’s very new to us,” Jared Jordan, Campbell Station Wine & Spirits and Northshore Wine & Spirits co-owner, said. “This is going to be a good space for us.”

Jordan expects sales to increase with the store.

“We’re doing some things to help that,” he said. “We’ve expanded our wine selection here, added more fine wine. We’ve also expanded our bourbon and scotch selections and increased the products on the shelves.

“There are lots of great things to come. I look forward to seeing you all in the future. We’re going to be here for a while.”

Jordan and business partner, David Stevens, purchased Northshore Wine and Spirits, an existing licensed store off South Northshore Drive, last spring.

That purchase was all part of the plans for the business’ growth when he and Stevens purchased Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, 707 N. Campbell Station Road, Jan. 2, 2014.

“Just having one store was never part of the plan,” he said. Jordan completed an expansion project of Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, adding about 2,000 feet to the existing 1990s building, in November 2015. Then, the owners started looking for another store.

“Farragut is a really busy area for the other store,” he said. “We wanted something in a different part of town that’s not very far —it’s 10 or 11 miles.

“There’s an untapped customer base for us [in the Northshore area],” Jordan said. “We already service a little bit of this customer base just from the Campbell Station store, but this is another part of the town we need to be in.”

After purchasing the store last spring, the name was changed to Northshore Wine & Spirits and Jordan moved it to a new site 500 feet away.

“It was a good store, an established store that been there for more than 20 years, I guess,” Jordan said. “The only problem with the store was a lot of people didn’t know it was there.

“There was no visibility from Northshore [Drive] and the signage wasn’t great for what we wanted, so we started looking for alternative places to move the business and found this place in May.”

Jordan started construction on the building site the first part of August and it was completed in October.

“We got approval from the state Oct. 27 and we moved the entire store on Oct. 30,” he said. “We opened up here Halloween Day.”

Jordan said he is done with expanding for now.

“As of right now, we can own two stores in the State of Tennessee,” he said. “Those laws do change. “When we initially bought Campbell Station, we could only have one store.

“When wine was passed in the grocery [stores], that allowed us to own more than one store. Now, [the state has] changed [the law] again where we can only own two in the entire state.”